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Marie Claire magazine and Slate's Emily Bazelon team up to Bitch Bully Women

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Emily Bazelon is well-respected by misogynists for her willingness to call women bitches. She’s part of the retrogressive liberal contingent at Slate who think women are best called whores and sluts when their politics are at odds with the retrogressive Slate agenda. This month in the February issue of Marie Claire and Missy Emily tag team in an article titled: “She May Be A Bitch—But is She a Bully?” Can you imagine a story titled: She May Be a Nigger But is SHE a Bully? No. But the anti-women paid contingent has no problem propagating anti-women bigotry to sell their magazine or an article.

Doonesbury Strip Cartoon cracks fun of GOP and DNC misogyny--If ONLY!


So, Doonesbury has a nice contraception cartoon up; but if only he'd do the DNC version. We'll help you out here: first box of cartoon:DNC worker: "Young lady, I'm a liberal Obama supporter working for Obama's re-elections campaign." Young Lady: "yes?" Next cartoon box: Obot "Would this be your first visit to a Republican event?" Young Lady: "No, I've been a Republican for a while now." Next cartoon box: Obot: "I see. So do your parents know you are a SLUT, Whore, Cunt, White Bitch?" Young Lady: "Wow, so great to know I'm allowed to be fucked by Democrat men and not have to pay for it."

JFK was a sexual predator to a 19 year-old virgin intern and NYTimes blames, yes, THE GIRL


Evidently liberal dude nation JFK (John Fungus Kennedy) got off on making women into servile sex objects; he whored them out to make him feel better about himself. (Remind you all of the Liberal Dude Nation media that calls Palin and Hillary sl%t and bi**ch to make them feel better about themselves—think David Letterman and Bill Maher et al.) Yes a memoir--that has every reason to be totally believable—by Mimi Alford, an erstwhile white house intern under JFK…cont.

…recounts how JFK pushed Ms. Alford, then still a teenager, into giving his best buddy a blowjob while he watched.

BlogHer goes to Dark Side of Liberal Dude Nation: prohibits free speech on Islamic intolerance to women's rights

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Sshhh, don’t tell BlogHer that the New York Times wrote this quote [from Human Rights Watch] about the culture of Islam:

“Girls are looked down upon…a cultural tolerance for violence against women and impunity for men who committed it…”

The NYTimes also cited HRW on

“rules in the penal code specified that a husband could kill his wife for having sex outside of marriage…has rules allowing a husband to take a second wife if the first one is not procreating satisfactorily.”

After the sexism of 2008, women face massive battle for political power gains


Congratulations to firsts for women last night!! Susana Martinez, New Mexico's first female governor and Nikki Haley, South Carolina's first female governor!! And, I believe they are both first in diversity issues as well, Hispanic and Indian American respectively. And before we congratulate other women winners last night (and mourn for female losses) let's take a moment to be appalled at how low the Times sunk last week in an attempt to smear Haley.

Liberals cast stones at GOP--the same stones they cast at HRC


It is adorable to watch the liberals preen as the Republican Party shows some infighting over who to back to lead the party. As the Blue Dogs bite the tail off the Far Left Pelosi and Obama. Way funny. Nay, the libs have no infighting, other than...oh say this from Bob Obama Herbert in his paranoid 08 Seeds of Destruction back stab:

It wasn’t just the pardons that sullied the Clintons’ exit from the White House. They took furniture and rugs from the White House collection that had to be returned.
So class is not a Clinton forte.