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Democrat Racism of Low Expectations: Why Do Democrats and Obama Feel that Blacks Cannot Behave?

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Obama bans black kids from being disciplined at school, but Whites, Asians, Hispanics must behave
Racist Obama has ruled that: Black kids can no longer be suspended from school unless, well, pretty much unless they kill someone in the classroom. The rules of normal conduct still apply to whites and other races, but for black kids, they get the “blacks can’t do it” Obama hall pass.

It is the worst kind of racism to say: hey blacks can’t help themselves so ….we had better look the other way. That is terrible racism! Paternalistic and nutty and sad and dangerous.

The terrible racism of low expecations journalists have towards the minority masses


There are two items I would hope you all will read this week. The first item is about something I can attest to: most whites in the newsroom actually believe that marriage comes before baby for them but that cannot possibly be expected of certain minority groups. This painful newsroom racism of low expectations and quite frankly....

Single biggest factor in reducing death rate among young children is greater education for women

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For years health officials have thrown money at ways to prevent young children from dying, with little global data on effectiveness. Recently a pattern has emerged: mortality drops in proportion to the years of schooling that women attain. The relation holds true for rich countries and poor…Whether education rises from high levels (say, 10 years to 11) or low levels (from one year to two), child mortality drops…. Educated women, it seems, make wiser choices about hygiene, nutrition, immunization and contraception. ~Scientific American