UN Report: Libya Beset by Unprecedented Turmoil, Lawlessness. [Thanks Obama and Hillary]

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A new (Feb 2015) report by the U.N. Human Rights Office and the U.N. Support Mission in Libya finds a nation beset by turmoil, lawlessness and armed conflict.~ Voice of America
[Libya is now] a society run by armed factions determined to exert their power by force, the report, authors say, shows that Libya is facing the worst political crisis and escalation of violence since the 2011 armed conflict toppled long-reigning dictator Moammar Gadhafi. VOA

Scott Pelley, protecting b. Hussein Obama, proclaims it's up to the president of Syria whether America goes to war

"Whether the U.S. enters the war in Syria appears to be up to the dictator Bashar al Assad." Scott Pelley, CBS News

Steve Kroft said Obama did NOT call it terrorism in the Rose Garden, but CBS kept the tape secret to protect our LIAR in Chief

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Remember that simple question a supposedly undecided voter asked Obama at the Town Hall debate? This one:

“Who was it that denied enhanced security [for our embassy in Benghazi] and why?”

Remember that Obama didn’t even bother to answer that very simple question. Ever wonder what happened to investigative journalism? You can all lament that Crazy Candi Crowley played Truth Interruptus and pretended that Obama had definitively said yes, our ambassador was killed in a terrorist attack.

Who's getting "withering criticism" now? Yep, that be Obama and from Left, Right and Center

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On September 13, of this year the New York Times attacked Mitt Romney for attacking Barack Hussein Obama on his pathetic handling of the Middle East crisis. Libya is a freaking mess, so much so that three weeks after the attack by Al Qaeda on our embassy there, only now, today, has the FBI been able to enter the country to see what is left of our embassy. CNN went in and picked through our murdered ambassador’s diary, but Obama didn’t send in the FBI until now, because his Administration didn’t know what the fuck to do. Talk about a dumb deer in headlights.

Liberals defend Obama's killing of Anwar al-Awlaki: it was legal because of Bush's MCA and Patriot Act (Video)


Remember when Dems hated the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act? Today liberals are using them to defend Obama's assassination of an American citizen, al-Awlaki--no putting him into Gitmo or any fancy military lawyers for him, no, just a bullet to the brain and a post mortem lap dance from Obama. I shit you not, on this morning's talk show round up, a liberal writer, when challenged about the legality of the assassination of al-Awlaki, said that laws passed after 9-11 allowed such an action.

Obama undermines rule of law, refuses to get Congressional approval for billion $ war in Libya


It's time to step up Mr. Obama and follow the rule of law. It's time to get Congressional authorization for your war in Libya. To date we've spent close to one billion buckeroos of taxpayer money there and you need to stop shielding Democrats from a war vote. Here is ABC news report on what is not going on in Congress and why Obama thinks he can unilaterally declare war without the people's voice or authorization: