Transparency Trans-shamarncy –Obama DECLARES White House a NO-GO Zone for FOIA Requests

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Obama Officially Kills White House Email Transparency Promises—wait for it: oh there it is: Media Yawns, relentlessly covers that White B**** Hillary, on her lack of transparency. White Gal GETS it; Black Guy, not so much, er…not at all. If Obama says one thing, you can be sure he means the other. Remember...

If ObamaCare (ObamaCaid) Stays, Say Goodbye to Your Doctor Forever

To anyone who’s ever read the misery that is ObamaCaid, aka, ObamaCare, there was this truth central to the entire law: the push to force doctors into Taco-Bell sort of workers, chogging along an assembly line of predetermined one-size fits-all care.

Institute Travel Bans, Put the Health of US Citizens First; Medical Nobel Laureate slams Nurse Hickox and favors mandatory quarantine

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This is not difficult. And under a truly pro-American president, it would have been done already. During this severe outbreak of Ebola, travel bans for all non-aide travel from African countries where the virus is running rampant should have been in place weeks ago. Weeks ago. Period. Medical folks and aid workers may still go and return from these countries, but under the same sound-science restrictions that are in place for military workers sent to those countries: a mandatory quarantine outside of the home upon return or prior to return.

Liberal Media is Deceiving you! Illegal alien, not suburban soccer dad is the killer

secure our borders

The lie: this murderer is not a suburbanite; he is one of the illegal aliens pouring across our open borders: But as points out: the AP Liberal LIE machine leaves that fact out and actively seeks to mislead its readers:

How do you know when Obama is lying? When he opens his mouth. New Memo shows Obama scheming to gut welfare reform in 2009


Last July we wrote this item:

Obama LIED when he said he approved of the Welfare Reform Act and now he's dismantling it --in violation of federal law!

And the Democrat /Obama answer was, oh, na ah, you guys, I’m just doing what Republicans wanted me to do. Snicker. Well, now AGAIN, Obama is caught lying. A new memo shows Obama planning to drastically expand the welfare rolls from his first day on office.

Last year FemiSex wrote this:

Reason No 999 why the NYTimes Sucks: David Firestone on Editorial Board misleads readers on basic facts


Is David Firestone an imbecile or just dishonest? I’d say dishonest for sure and perhaps too stupid to know that the heaviest use of emergency room care for non-emergent reasons is done not by the uninsured but by Medicaid beneficiaries. Fact, Period. Any one in health care administration knows this fact. Medicaid overuse of emergency departments at hospitals is the reason for the high cost of ED health care. Adding more pple to Medicaid, as Obama wants, is only going to make health care MORE expensive!

It’s time to turn NYTimes reporter Eric Schmitt into Judith Miller over his reported lies to the readers of the NYTimes –enough is enough


This out for Weekly Standard via CNN:

David Petraeus is going to tell members of Congress that he "knew almost immediately after the September 11th attack, that the group Ansar al Sharia, the al Qaeda sympathizing group in Libya was responsible for the attacks," CNN reports.

Steve Kroft said Obama did NOT call it terrorism in the Rose Garden, but CBS kept the tape secret to protect our LIAR in Chief

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Remember that simple question a supposedly undecided voter asked Obama at the Town Hall debate? This one:

“Who was it that denied enhanced security [for our embassy in Benghazi] and why?”

Remember that Obama didn’t even bother to answer that very simple question. Ever wonder what happened to investigative journalism? You can all lament that Crazy Candi Crowley played Truth Interruptus and pretended that Obama had definitively said yes, our ambassador was killed in a terrorist attack.