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A woman ascends to take the fall—the story of Mary Barra

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The dolts at the NYTimes seem almost universally to have no notion of what is actually happening on any given day--the only given for the Times is the fact they are driven almost wholly by their desire to frame the news they present in a light favorable to Democrats in general, and Obama in particular. (Yes, today we're again told how wonderful ObamaCaid is when it is SO NOT.) To examine the Times' cluelessness, take this case study: A woman is named CEO of General Motors. Hmm, that’s something that has NEVER happened, not only at GM, but at any major auto company, as the Times points out.

Misogynist Matt Lauer says ambitious women are "witchy," which is code for B word--video


We have zero idea if Matt Lauer is an adulterer but we do know that he's a misogynist jackass. How do we know? Because this week on the Today Show he was on the plaza with a woman --Megan Hilty from a show called Smash--which we've never watched but Matt said that Ms. Hilty plays an "ambitious woman and that ambitious woman equals a little witchy." Watch this and be prepared to say WTF is this asshole doing on national TV?