Yes, Obama, you do need to get a Congressional on-the-record vote for war against Syria


It is great fun to watch whacknutties at the NYTimes and other extremist liberal media organizations touch their ankles in order to help Obama not look like the fool he is. This headline from the NYTimes says it all: “Bomb Syria, Even if it is Illegal.” Ha. Recall the Times obliteration of Hillary Clinton for saying for saying that if Iran nuked Israel, we’d “totally obliterate” Iran.

Media Bias Alert: ABC's "This Week" has one GOP and three Dems on roundtable and Calvin Trillin is a left wingnut radical

media bias.jpg

Tee Hee, more media bias: The Sunday talk show “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos is such a joke. They always have one Republican to Three Democrats on their Sunday morning roundtable. Ya know, so the American people will get “balanced” thinking from pundits. HA! This Sunday, the guests were FAR LEFT Democrats from Politico, Vanity Fair and ta da, the PRIMAL Extremist Lefty Howard Dean. And on the Right, the lone voice of Tim Pawlenty.

Media bias is a Clear and Present Danger to our Country.

The New York Times subverts the democratic process

"War in Iraq Defies a U.S. Timetable" That is the header the NYTimes put on a story Saturday. Pause to Remember. Oh yes, remember that the NYTimes REFUSED to print an OP-ED by presidential candidate John McCain in the run up to the 2008 election BECAUSE he refused to give a timetable for withdrawal in the Iraq war, saying: the war defied a U.S. Timetable and must be determined by conditions on the ground.

New York Times tells Bald Lies to its readers, and other Times' Bias Alerts

by H. L. Trisky

Item one-
A small story on Sept. 26th, A19, “Checkpoint. Taking on the Mortgage Giants”
The purpose of this story is to deflate McCain, pure and simple.
It focuses on claims by McCain that he co-sponsored “a Senate bill that would have strengthened regulation of Franie Mae and Fredie Mac.”

Jesus Camp Kids morph to Obama Cult Kids

As I watched that whacky and frightful U-Tube video of glassy-eyed children singing to their idol Obama, it took about a millisecond before I recalled the freaky documentary movie “Jesus Camp” about Right-Wingnuts inculcating their young kids to religious political action—a primary goal to exercise control over women’s bodies.
(here is link to the movie:
—it was nominated for an Academy Award in 2007.)

And in case you have somehow missed the kid’s PrayDATE to Obama, here is that loony link: