FemiStats:Hollywood’s Misogyny—a new UN study finds women around the Globe getting the shaft; plus new data on STEM and women

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From a new UN global study: women get shit on by Big “Liberal” Media. Surprise. Kinda like sayn’ water is wet and gee whiz whoda thought. While you can barely find a black criminal in movies or TV, despite the high rate at which blacks commit crimes compared to their proportion in society, there are, according to Hollywood, thundering hordes of white women a killing and a thieving and a pillaging, despite the low numbers women commit such crimes compared to men. While not a surprise, it is useful to look at the findings of this study.

93% of murder suspects are black and Hispanic --media silent. Wapo op-ed: "If {blacks} were commiting mass shootings...articles would flood the media. HA

Let’s talk racial statistics for just one city: New York. In 2010, 93% of murder suspects were either black or Hispanic. The victims: 536 murder victims in NYC in 2010. Blacks who are 25% of NYC population accounted for 67% of those killed
The Killers:
61% of murder suspects are black
32% of murder suspects are Hispanic
4% of murder suspects are white
3% of murder suspects are Asian
More than 84% had prior arrests


Media Team Obama endorse Romney Deficit Plan but refuse to mention it was Romney plan!


So, this morning the liberal media has yet again shown their incredible hypocrisy. Remember Romney’s plan to bring down the debt by tax reform that would limit certain deductions. Remember that he said, you could perhaps set a cap, say 25K or 50K, on deductions rather than raise tax rates. Sure you do, and Sure you remember the liberal media calling this plan asinine....Except, now that Romney is safely out of the way...

85% of all rapes in NYC committed by Blacks and Hispanics; for the sake of their victims can we address this please?


Hopefully none of you have forgotten the despicable comment by misogynist Sandra Bernhard who “issued a blistering warning to Sarah Palin during a performance of her new one-woman show. The Republican V.P. nom would be "gang-raped by my big black brothers" if she enters Manhattan, Bernhard said. Palin is said to be making a campaign stop in New York next week.”~NYDaily News There are so many tragic things about Bernhard’s execrable comment not least of which is a white woman counting on black men to act like animals who would rape a woman based upon her political views.

The New Agenda discusses Palin Run in 2012

TNA’s Amy Siskind on Fox & Friends discusses a possible Palin Run in 2012

A unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court on Wal-Mart case. why?


I want to set the stage for this post with a segment from this video. Watch at 11:15 seconds for about a minute and 30 seconds as Diane Sawyer flagrantly lies to millions of nightly news viewers about the Arizona Immigration law. Even Jon Stewart dislikes Sawyer's lie.

Bypass the media and just listen to Obama, just like in North Korean it should be!


I just came across a blog post on what seems to be a black woman's web site. She spends her first graf dissing "corrupt Thief President Karzai" and rambling a bit about spring and war. But what she does next is really freaky deeky.

She says: "For the past weeks I have consumed information about the President’s plans only directly from the President, cutting out the pundits, spin doctors, screaming right wingers, smug lefty comedians, and everyone else in between. It’s just me, Barack, C-SPAN and"

The Obama Tax Man Cometh


It takes pure gall for the NYTimes to write that "Government should rule with the consent of the governed"....
one day after Obama ignored the will of the people and shoved his toxic version of health care reform down the throats of an unwilling public. (polls consistently showed the public solidly opposed to ObamaCare.)