media cover up

If Getting the 1st female into the Oval Office Requires a NYTimes Cover-Up on Behalf of Al Qaeda, then No F'ing Thanks


Back in March of this year, the NYTimes did a story titled: “Woodward is New Hero for the Right (Yes, Really)’ that mocked the lion of journalism for going public about a threat from the White House over his reporting. After Bob Woodward did a piece in WAPO critical of Obama over his handling of the budget impasse and sequester, the White House told Woodward he would come to “regret” that reporting.

Obama and Hillary LIED to America--Covered up the fact we were hit by Al Qaeda AGAIN on Spetemper 11th, 2012


For two weeks after Al Qaeda attacked the United States on the anniversary of 9-11, pulling off the first killing of an American ambassador since 1979, Obama and Hillary lied to Americans—Lied. They didn’t want to admit they’d both never woke up to that 3 am call warning terrorists about to strike again on 9-11. They did a full scale Cover Up of Nixonian proportions.

Obama's Big LIE on Head Start--his own Administration study found that "study after study" shows it DOES NOT work

Obama has lied to the American people more times than Nixon peed during his time in office. Clinton had his “I did not have sex with that women”; Nixon had his “I am not a crook” moment;and Obama has too many lies to count in the space here but Obama’s most recent lie is a whopper: “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed,” Even Wapo gave that four Pinocchios. Today let’s focus on another of Obama’s BIG LIEs to Americans: