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Yes, Ladies the Dem Left Media Does Think We Are THAT Stupid

This week NBC’s Ed Schultz said: Rand Paul Has "A History Of Talking Down To Women On Television" That’s rich coming from Misogynist Dem Schultz who recently called a female GOP media person a “slut” on broadcast TV. But, that is how Dems are gonna play it on Rand Paul: forget the issues, American women don’t care about the issues, not if we Dems can convince the stupid ladies that all GOP candidates hate all woman. Message to Dems from the Gals who won’t be Toyed with: IT’S the BIASED DEMOCRAT MEDIA STUPID.

Democrats Dirty War on Women—aka on ABC, NBC, CBS as whores, sluts, bitches


When a black person is killed by a white person (rare occurrence) it is relentless coverage by Democrat MSM, blaring headers of racism.

When a white person is killed by a black person (common occurrence) it is a non-story, delegated to one off coverage, if that. Race of killer is not most often not mentioned.

When a white woman is raped by a black man (common occurrence), race is almost never mentioned.

When a black woman is raped by a white male (extremely rare occurrence) the Democrat MSM salivates and indicts before facts know.

Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl, sells America on the Psycho Bitch Myth and sells out all the real Gone Girls

gillian flynn Gone Girl Cunt, Bitch, whore, slut.png

Gone Girl was an entertaining read, albeit totally stupidly predictably. Plot = rich, white/blond very smart girl, who, of course, must be a total…total cliché alert….psycho bitch. Author Gillian Flynn is pretty smart to understand that writing about a white WASP blond girl of above average intellect and means must, by fiat of the bigots in Big Media, entail painting a picture of a wretched bitch who is a danger to the entire world, oh yeah, who by the way is happy to murder at the drop of an orgasm.

Vincent Sheheen is a sexist bigot; and note to scumbag Sheheen: Give me a whore any day over your bigoted self for office

Not a mention on the Evening News; nothing on Slate, or anywhere else readily visible on mainstream outlets. The worst of it; the way this scumbag thinks its funny to degrade women. Remember when Gov. Moonbeam (Jerry) Brown of California called his female opponent a whore? Didn't scratch him a bit, cause he was you know...the right "color" as in....Blue for the sexist bigoted Left Wing media machine.

In case you forgot about Brown, here is a link

Things to Ponder: Cheney Family Values vs. the NYT’s Pro-Rape Values

tyson 2.jpg

Why is it that the odious Mike Tyson is not called so by the NYTimes? In Nov. of last year the Times did a cover story in their Arts section on the convicted rapist Tyson, titling it “Baddest Man on the Planet, and His Vulnerable Side.” The fact that he brutally raped an 18-year old Miss Black America contestant, and showed no remorse is not eveb mentioned on the front page of the Times story—written, astonishingly, to help Tyson promote his new book!

Death by Slut and Whore: Yet another girl kills herself after classmates Whore her to Death


Paula Deen is fired for using the word nigger, but Hollywood and Media delight in the use of Slut, Whore, and Bitch to demean girls and women and we see over and over again the human tragedy of this Sexist, Bigoted Anti-women hate speech. This week the New York Post reports on Gabrielle Molina, a 12-year old girl who killed herself after being bullied with hate speech by her classmates, who of course are urged by MSM and Hollywood to demean any woman/girl any time any way you can, kids.

Molly Ball of the Atlantic paid to pretend media bias against female candidates is a myth


The definition of a woman given voice in liberal media is one who would have Liked Obama on her Facebook page while she Unfriended Hillary Clinton. There were/are so many, too many to name here, but you know camp: NYTimes XX writers, Wapo, Slate, LATimes and on it goes. Today there’s the laughable example of Molly Ball, who now, writing for the Left of Left “The Atlantic,” puts forth this notion: the media has no bias against women running for political office.

Female Sony Exec Amy Pascal urges ban on gay slurs while her studio curns out misogyny daily


Amy Pascal doesn't' want you to call her a fag hag, but she is good to go with bitch, slut and whore. The Sony Pictures co-chairwoman, as reported in Deadline, is asking Hollywood( her peers) to drop the gay slurs and stereotypes from their scripts. She was silent on why Sony Pictures, mass produces misogyny.
From Deadspin: