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A New Play called SLUT won’t “combat sexism” and the authors know it; Feminists AGAIN refuse to call out Big Media’s gendered hate speech

Well well, ain’t that somen’…the Feminist Press is glad standing “SLUT
A Play and Guidebook for Combating Sexism and Sexual Violence,” or so they say. Well, disclaimer, I’ve not read the play, but I can tell you one fact: no play will change the SLUTing that Hollywood does to women each and every night of the week on primetime TV.

Feminist Press is all whoopppppie pie happy about SLUT. Here is what they have to say about SLUT, the play:

Missy Bazelon at Slate pulls a Larry Summers, says women opt out; Missy Marcotte at Slate bashes Ann Romeny for saying women have it harder

wow, i seriously Hate women and wish them off my planet

Wow talk about whiplash! Emily Bazelon at Slate (who btw, knows "what women really think” in case you, dear gal aren't sure what you think, Emily and the Slate crew are here to tell you what you think! Snicker my fritz) posts that the reason women only get to write about knitting and womeny pinky stuff is..get readly for it: because they don’t want to write about politics and hard-hitting stuff especially if women are “the primary parent.” Then,....

Retrogressive says “Susana Martinez’s veep suicide” and The New Agenda Nail the sexist media pigs

This is a great post by The New Agenda!!!! "The outrageous difference (again): Martinez vs. the “darling” boy Marco Rubio.June 20, 2012 by Valentina

The media and political parties, whether republican or democrats, just can’t help their bias against women. The case of Susana Martinez vs. Marco Rubio illustrates once more how the parties will support a man over a woman, no matter how prepared and politically skilled and equipped; and the media shows how they will use subliminal (and sometimes not so subliminal) language that will kill the political potential of a woman.

As liberal media calls women bitches, whores and sluts, as movies call us cunts, women are being lynched hourly


A recent header in the sexist NYTimes declared that TV now offered a “Season of Equal Opportunity Sexism.” Really? I’ve yet to see any such thing and what exactly is male sexism? The Times says it is comedies that “lampoon female domination.” What a f’ing joke: the only place that female domination possibly exists is on a stage set in Hollywood and even there women are still out sexismed 1000000 to one. Now on to the real world of REAL sexism where actually harm comes to women victimized by media-driven misogyny.

Gov. Chris Christie uses sexism to put a woman in her place; sound familiar?


This is such a fuck up by Gov. Chris Christie who could have handled the hecklers without the sexism! But then again, Liberal Obama and his Cult of Liberal Media Misogynists have taught us all how to reduce women who oppose them to sexual objects. Memo to Gov. Christie--don't stoop to their level !

I ask you which is worse:

Benedict Cumberbatch is happy to use naked girls to pimp his ass to richdom--Sherlock does Dominatrix


Liberal Dude Nation never has any, not even the smallest, objection to sexualizing women in order to make themselves a bit more money. Here is {from the AP}Benedict Cumberbatch is shrugging off British newspaper criticism of his female co-star's nude scene in TV's latest season of "Sherlock."
"It's great publicity, isn't it?" Cumberbatch told the Television Critics Association on Thursday.

Cumberfuck goes on to say that

Katie Holmes dresses up as a Nigger Dog on "How I Meet Your Mother"


This morning on the Today show, a segment on sex trafficking of underage girls ran. When the black male, age 34, was busted for pimping out the girl, he said: the bitch said her name was X and she said she was older. I was rushing out the door when I caught this, so can't recall the name he gave (Alicia maybe) and the age given by the pimp (19 I think)for the girl but I did note that he dehumanized her as "bitch." When are women going to learn to demand NO BITCH, NO SLUT, NO Whore Tolerance in media.

Mark Morford calls Barack Obama, "Hell's Black Boy Man"

gay sterotype.jpg

Oh, wait, that would be racist and demeaning to a grown black lawyer who went to a Harvard. But for Michele Bachmann, who is a grown white women with five kids, 23 foster kids, a post doctorate education from William and Mary...calling her "Hell's Barbie" is cool. It is so cool to be a bigot. Morford is gay-rights writer in San Francisco. When you see him out and about why not let him know that if he wants support for gay equality then he's gonna have to pony up with female equality and that means: end the promulgation of misogyny. I don't laugh at homophobia.