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Meet the Press has Four Democrats to Single Republican on Panel

Note the fact that Meet the Press has four Democrats to one Republican on it's panel today and you understand why no one other than hardcore Leftists watch MTP anymore. And watch batshit crazy Missy Andrea Mitchel work her mouth into a knot when confronted with the truth about Michael Brown, who was a thief, drug abuser, thug and who assaulted a cop and tried to kill a cop.

David Gregory tells America Hillary Clinton had "establishment support" in 08. HA!!


Today on Meet the Press:

MR. GREGORY: What's it going to take for a woman to be president?.... You say the right woman. You know, supporters of yours I've talked to over time say, "You know what, we're so disappointed, because if she couldn't do it, who can?" I mean,

all the establishment support

, all the money, married to a former president, all of these things that you had established, and yet you couldn't do it. It's very daunting to a lot of people.