Frank Bruni’s misogyny: says women at the helm of corporations would make for crazy


Frank Bruni carries the stench of extreme sexism. While writing a piece in the New York Times this weekend, about “Women’s Unequal Lot,” the restaurant critic commits the most heinous of acts of sexism. The drippy condescending sexism. Butthead Bruni lauds his sister for doing it all (family n job) while declaring as statement of fact that she is the one, really, who must do it all—not her husband for sure. Eye roll to the 90s. But as Bruni wades on with the smarmy heroism of his sis, he lands one square between the eyes of all women.

Media and Democrats teaching young boys to sexually humiliate women is terribly, terribly dangerous


A young boy in Iowa tried to rape his mom after she told him he couldn't play with his violent video game. When he couldn't rape her he killed her. Hmm, I wonder what in our culture makes a young boy want to sexually dominate his mum when she tries to dominate him? I bet he called his mum a bitch when he was pulling off her pants during the assult. Flashback: "I want to rub my father's cock all over Sarah Palin's fat tits~Louis CK on Twitter 2008.

(Per the news story: the cops found mum's body naked from the waist down.)

Samuel L. Jackson urges public use of the word nigger

Media types refuse to say nigger. Good job. Now, If only media types refused to say bitch, slut and whore. Instead bitch is inserted into just about every show on TV. Watching a rerun of Friends the other night, Jenifer Aniston was dismayed with the weather report given by a female TV anchor, so she lashed out at the TV saying: “Weather Bitch.” Next time you see Jennifer and don’t like her outfit be sure to call out Actress Bitch. And because the female friends made liberal use of slut on that show, why not call here an Actress Bitch Slut for good measure.

The New York Times has just hired Joe Paterno as its president and CEO! Icing on the cake: says calling women bitches is: "clever"

Meet Mark Thompson, the man the New York Times today welcomed with open arms and a sloppy wet kiss as their new president and CEO, the man who was the director-general of BBC a year ago when BBC decided to kill a story about horrific alleged child sex abuse by one of their TV hosts. Marky Mark says he didn't reeallllly (honest kids) didn't know what story he was killing when he refused to "blow the lid off nookie"--a line we all remember from Broadcast News when the "smart liberal" newscaster sneered at the dumb jock reporter who wanted to do a story on date rape.

Barack Obama's BFF Misogynist Bill Maher

M and O.jpg

Michelle Bachelet, executive director of UN Women:

The biggest challenges everywhere are political participation and economic empowerment -- and ending violence against women,"

Bill Maher:

Sarah Palin is "a dumb twat" and "a c--t" Sarah Palin is a “mother I’d Like to Fuck.”

Barack Obama:

NYTimes Writer, Alissa J. Rubin downplays a lifetime of rape as a “custom” in Muslim lands

Bibi Aisha Cover of Time.png

The front page of the New York Times ran this header on Dec.2: "For Afghan Women, Justice Runs Into Unforgiving Wall of Custom." Custom? The story was about a woman put into prison because she was raped. The price of her freedom: a lifetime of being fucked by her rapist, as in... to get out of jail and gain her so-called freedom, she would have to marry her rapist. Calling this “Custom” is mad, insane really. And the rest of the story is a study in an Obama-like apology tour to the Muslim “customs” of female enslavement. Yet another Liberal Dude Nation’s perp walk of shame.

Chuck Lorre's Misogyny is a crime against humanity: Mike and Molly just another vehicle


It always amazes me when so-called feminists fail to attack liberal dude nation libertards who peddle Hollywood misogyny. So-called Feminists will tell you all day long that it is those Redneck meanies who really want to put women in a box and keep them there. Trouble is there are no Rednecks in Hollywood. But there are lots and lots of misogynistic libertard dudes and the women who love them in Hollywood, putting women in boxes and dehumanizing them. Take “liberal” Jewish “comedy” writer Chuck Lorrie, whose real name is Chaim Levine and his recently created Mike & Molly.