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ObamaCare (ObamaCaid) is Killing the Middle Class

What is striking is the level of subterfuge in Democrat-leaning published reports on the ObamaCaid—which is a programme of massive net loss for those who buy insurance with welfare assistance, and significant net gain for those who rely on others to pay for their insurance. For those who would like to think the New England Journal of Medicine is fair and balanced when it comes to Obama’s health care “law” –quotations used because Obama has broken his own law repeatedly over the years—think again. Here is an interesting sentence for NEJM item:

NYC Democrats want law that prevents cops from catching rapists; bans naming race of suspect in descriptions to other cops

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The percentage of rapes in NYC commited by men of color.
BatShit Liberal Wacko Crazy: NYC City Council proposes new law that would prohibit cops from naming the race of the suspect while trying to catch the suspect. So if a young white women is raped by a black man, in his 30s, the cops are free to tell other cops: hey the woman raped was a white women but, they can't tell cops their suspect is a male, black, or release his age. What are they allowed to say?

Woman stabs mate who broke into her apartment and repeatedly punched her in the face and SHE is charged. Really?


How many times a week is there a story in the New York Post about some scumbag who has killed his wife or girlfriend or just raped or sexually assaulted a random woman on the street. Too many to keep track. Now today the Post is reporting that a pregnant woman in Washington Heights (Kelly Roldan, 23) stabbed to death her babies' daddy (she is pregnant with twins) one Antoine Scott, 24, when he let himself into Roldan's apartment and started to punch her repeatedly in the face. Man alive are men afraid of women who stand up for themselves. Cops are saying they plan to charge Roldan! WTF?

Shanel Nadal and her 8 children all named Nephra save unlucky #8, Nefertiti


Why does the government get a third of your paycheck each payday? And for those supporting the public school system with payment of property taxes another 10% to boot? Why does the Tea Party Not agree to increased taxes in return for spending cuts that NEVER materialize--yes government has grown monstrously every year since the 70s and we are still waiting for supposed cuts from the 80s! Here is a perfect example of why those who work their asses off are opposed to redistribution on a more massive scale:

Warren Buffett wants you to pay higher taxes. Why? He won't.

The White House has released its plan to go after delinquent taxpayers saying this:"Step up collection of debts owed to the Federal Government. The Department of the Treasury manages the collection of delinquent tax and non-tax debt owed to various State and Federal agencies through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP), which collects

Sacrificing women's safety on the alter of political correctness


For some time we've written about the disturbing trend of news media to only list the race of a sexual offender on the loose if he is a white male. This past weekend a young male attacked an 85 year old woman in the heart of NYC, beat and robbed her and then sexually assaulted her; she was out for her morning walk on the upper east side. Not one evening news report had the guts to say that the male they were looking for was Hispanic. Now read this from the New York Post and look at the glaring omission of crucial data:

Teen wresting and gender

After SYD's comment about domestic violence today, the below story on male vs. female high school wrestling caught my eye and honestly, it seems like one of those very difficult situations. Women suffer such abuse at the hands of men mostly because men are socialized into believing they are entitled to hurt their inferiors--ya know women-- when their inferiours displease them. But there is the element of physical strengh that allows men to overcome female resistance to their assualts.

Facts are for Fools; Global Warming is not man-made and Media bias against women doesn’t exist

Liberals like myself have spent plenty of time scoffing at Conservatives when they refuse to believe, in the face of daunting facts, that Global Warming is man-made. But now This Liberal scoffs just as heartily at Liberals who refuse to believe, in the face of daunting facts, that women running for High Office are not the targets of media bias and sexism and misogyny!

Perhaps Femisex readers will recall our column last week,