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Times Announced Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart Replacement; Makes NO mention of Noah’s Misogyny and Anti-Semitism

First let’s be clear: being an average women in sub-Saharan Africa is pretty much a nightmare, and not just because of the massive misogyny and rape, but in many places women are not even allowed to own or inherit property. In South Africa alone, almost half of black women are raped, a statistic that earns the country the “distinction” of being at the pinnacle of rape-friendly countries in the world. And it is black South African men doing the raping, to be sure--not the Amish tourists.

Immediately Deploy the National Guard to Secure our Borders and Halt the Colonization of America


America is a sovereign nation. We have EVERY right to demand that our borders are protected and secured from invasion. Period. Yet, Obama has held a full court press to the Third Word; his message: break the law and come on in. The NYTimes reported that some 290,000 illegal aliens have breached our Southern Border in “recent months.” Wow. And that is in addition to the ~11 to 20 million illegal aliens already in the US who we are refusing to repatriate to their country of origin.

Two Americas-Two sets of rules

We are currently living in Two Americas; some folks have to pay their taxes, mortgage and abide by the law. Others, not so much. And the folks who are compelled to abide by the law must pick up the check for those who don’t follow the law. Democrats have, in the past, gone to extraordinary lengths to extend home ownership to millions who were not up to the long-term responsibilities of home ownership. Flooding the home-buying market with all those so-called “underserved” who had sketchy work/debt histories drove up home prices to nutty levels and then, bam, the housing market collapsed.

Frank Bruni’s misogyny: says women at the helm of corporations would make for crazy


Frank Bruni carries the stench of extreme sexism. While writing a piece in the New York Times this weekend, about “Women’s Unequal Lot,” the restaurant critic commits the most heinous of acts of sexism. The drippy condescending sexism. Butthead Bruni lauds his sister for doing it all (family n job) while declaring as statement of fact that she is the one, really, who must do it all—not her husband for sure. Eye roll to the 90s. But as Bruni wades on with the smarmy heroism of his sis, he lands one square between the eyes of all women.

The NYTimes has yet another misogynist moment; portrays women with migraines as having "mental health problems"


The craziness of the Left when it comes to women who might run for the White House or who are running is no secret. When Hillary was a threat to Obama, the Left came out in force to force her off the ticket by portraying her to the public as unstable or unpalatable. Misogynist Chris Matthews frequently spoke of Hillary as a testicle crunching Nurse Ratched, and other liberal media talkers didn’t even take the time to pretend; they just called her a whore and were done with it.

If Getting the 1st female into the Oval Office Requires a NYTimes Cover-Up on Behalf of Al Qaeda, then No F'ing Thanks


Back in March of this year, the NYTimes did a story titled: “Woodward is New Hero for the Right (Yes, Really)’ that mocked the lion of journalism for going public about a threat from the White House over his reporting. After Bob Woodward did a piece in WAPO critical of Obama over his handling of the budget impasse and sequester, the White House told Woodward he would come to “regret” that reporting.

One in five girls on Campus reports rape; one in five women in Military report sexual abuse; 3% of civilian rapists spend a night in jail


You just can’t make headlines like this up: “Head of Air Force sexual-assault prevention busted for allegedly groping woman.” But that is exactly what the NYPost in reporting. And just last month the NYTimes reported that, according to a large survey of active-duty military personnel, one in five female service members say they’ve been sexually harassed and abused. So we have the head of the prevention program in bed with the pro-abuse program, as it were.

Media Bias Alert: ABC's "This Week" has one GOP and three Dems on roundtable and Calvin Trillin is a left wingnut radical

media bias.jpg

Tee Hee, more media bias: The Sunday talk show “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos is such a joke. They always have one Republican to Three Democrats on their Sunday morning roundtable. Ya know, so the American people will get “balanced” thinking from pundits. HA! This Sunday, the guests were FAR LEFT Democrats from Politico, Vanity Fair and ta da, the PRIMAL Extremist Lefty Howard Dean. And on the Right, the lone voice of Tim Pawlenty.

Media bias is a Clear and Present Danger to our Country.