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Fake Journalists at War with Real Ones—read Fake as in George Stephanopoulos, and real: Sy Hersh and Sheryl Attkisson

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Well well well, the media is shitting on a journalist great Sy Hersh—yeah he’s the real deal folks. Why, you ask? Well… because he’s calling Obama liar. Now for sure sayn’ that Obama lies is like calling water wet, but for those in LOVE with Obama (yeah that be the editor of the New Yorker—Obama Mainstream Masturbator David Remnick) the only action of a good journalist (ahem) is to attack anyone who attacks Barky. Now we don’t know the truth or not of any single report in the media and it will take digging to find out the full truth, as is the case in anything.

ObamaSam is Spying on you all day all night, and Facebook and Google are his assets


This will give you a chuckle. Before the Snowden story broke, outing Silicon Valley as complicit in the massive spying by Obama on Americans every communiqué, the WSJ published a story titled: “New online-data bill sets up privacy fight.” The story opens: “Silicon Valley is fighting privacy advocates over a California bill, the first of its kind in the nation, that would require companies like Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. to disclose to users the personal data they have collected and with whom they have shared it.”

Media Bias Alert: ABC's "This Week" has one GOP and three Dems on roundtable and Calvin Trillin is a left wingnut radical

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Tee Hee, more media bias: The Sunday talk show “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos is such a joke. They always have one Republican to Three Democrats on their Sunday morning roundtable. Ya know, so the American people will get “balanced” thinking from pundits. HA! This Sunday, the guests were FAR LEFT Democrats from Politico, Vanity Fair and ta da, the PRIMAL Extremist Lefty Howard Dean. And on the Right, the lone voice of Tim Pawlenty.

Media bias is a Clear and Present Danger to our Country.

Obama and Jesus and Big retro-gressive liberal media—all part of THE Boy’s ONLY club.


I canceled my long-time subscription to the New Yorker this year and here is a great example of why:

He {Obama} was telling voters: This election is not just about me, or even primarily about me; it’s about protecting the country from a bunch of crazed ideologues. As it happens, the charges Obama levelled at his political enemies were largely true.

Islamists win 75% of Egypt's Parliamentary Seats; Thanks Barack Hussein Obama for the Get OUT Now fuck you to Hosni Mubarck


Well well, well Mr. Obama the man who forced Hosni Mubarak out of office with his statement “Get Out Now” rather than get behind an international effort to see an orderly transition of governments through free and fair elections—you know that thing that makes democracy, well democracy--, well, Barack Hussein Obama must be thrilled to hear that Islamists (yep, that be the anti-woman folks) have now won 75% of the seats in Egypt’s parliament. Good time for women, NOT. But hell, in Cairo Obama made it clear that he wound ‘t tell Muslim men...

David Remnick's New Yorker says goodbye to unbiased journalism, hello Yellow journalism

Why on earth would anyone with an IQ over 80 trust the New Yorker to write honest, unbiased stories about the upcoming presidential election when this is what the editor of the New Yorker wrote about the Republicans in his Nov. 14th, 2011 rant titled Decline and Fall: "glum and witless, unnerving, especially peculiar, performance art, dance macabre, prohibitively distasteful or untrustworthy or both, flopping on the deck side to side, fantastically flawed, spooky, carny caravan, pandering rhetoric, scams, Kardashian, a hot slice of nothing, spectacle, hollowness in the G.O. P. etc.

Selfish women and their perverse desire to not die


As we all know the current fashion in media on health care prevention is that for minorities there is too little, but women--read selfish spoiled white trolls--are needlessly sucking up precious health care dollars and resources to keep their breasts from killing them. No where is that more apparent than in a New Yorker review of a book on Cancer.

New Yorker's anti-woman agenda in The Right Stuff by sexist writer Connie Bruck


Ok, so you say, MSM is not anti-woman, just anti-Republican woman. Then how does one explain the piece in the New Yorker by anti-woman (pro-Obama) writer Connie Bruck that paints Republican Carly Fiorina as a nasty B woman who is using her devil tactics against angelic Republican Tom Campbell? It is hard to find a better example of sexist writing than this article--an article that women's studies classes should use to showcase liberal sexism in every class room in the country! To wit: ....