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What do Barack Obama and Keith Olbermann have in common? Just about everything


H/t to DRT. Tim Russert, Christopher Hitchens and Keith Olbermann have all been placed on FemiSex Deathwatch (in the spirit of one Slate.com started for Hillary) and guess what: yes, Tim is gone, Christopher is gone, Keith is gone once from MSNBC and now he's imploding with his bud Al Gore at Current TV.

Occupy Wall Street champions Carl Richard’s breathtaking greed while expecting Tea Party folks pay off his debt

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Meet Carl Richards—part of the 99% who are directly responsible for the collapse of the housing market. They moan and bemoan those who let them feed at the trough. Really. Even my toddler knows that what Carl Richards did would not work out well and anyone with a more developed brain can see the likes of Richards got us into the housing mess and then the ultimate financial collapse. What did dumbot Richards do? Well it hurts to write it but here goes:

He could afford a house that cost ~$350, 000 by his own reckoning but bought a home for $575,000.

Obama: the president of ask not what you can do for your country but what other people's money can do for you!


OWS epitomizes liberalism's greatest failure. The "Me" generation has spawned the "Gimme" generation. ~Jack Kelly's Odious Occupiers
This quote with this picture sums up OWS and Obama quite frankly.

link http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2011/11/28/odious_occupiers_11...

Democrats own the housing collapse; its time the media acknowledged this fact

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Without fail the NYTimes fails its readers when they talk about our current economic crisis. Open almost any story on the issue and the WiggyNut Times blames the crisis on the banks, period. On some occasions the Times will say it was greedy homeowners who shoulder some of the blame but the Times is RADIO SILENT about the originating role Washington and more specifically Democrats, and very specifically Barack Obama played in the housing bubble that has put the serious hurt on the middle class—at least the private sector middle class.

Faces of OWS: thugs, rapists, greedy unionized workers and those who just want to "occupy everywhere and never give it back"


This is what the face of Occupy Wall Street looks like:
"Occupy DC Protesters assaulted conservatives as they exited an Americans For Prosperity “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner.

This elderly woman, 78 years old, rode 11 hrs on a bus from Detroit to attend the dinner. After the attack she was taken to hospital with multiple injuries, a bloody nose which developed after the fall, and a large knot on her head. After x-rays and a CAT scan, she was released the following morning with cuts and large bruises. ~Fox News

As a new member of Occupy Wall St., I'm ready to Occupy Susan Sarandon's home and actually get paid by Arianna Huffington PS: also confiscate George Clooney's villa in Italia


I have decided to Occupy the Rich and here are a list of my demands:
I want a salary equal to that of my boss.
I want Susan Sarandon's home. (She can live in the basement, why be greedy?)
I want Michael Moore to pay off my student loan.
I want Barack Obama to take his girls out of private school so I can enroll mine in their stead.
I want to anchor the five o'clock news.
I want George Clooney to date women his own age and drive my car while I drive his.
I want Barack Hussein Obama to forgive my any traffic ticket I may ever get.