FemiHealth: Mammograms cut Risk of Death by ~ one-third, yet US Gov. Task Force member still talking cost

Mammograms work: modern mammography screening may reduce deaths from breast cancer by about 28%. Source: BMJ 2014;348:g3701
Yet….US.GovTask Force member makes fun of women who are nervous before having their boobs squeezed in a vise grip. BMJ 2014;348:g3824
check out this editorial that accompanies the finding that screening cuts risk of death from breast cancer by about a third! yes a Third!

Selfish women and their perverse desire to not die


As we all know the current fashion in media on health care prevention is that for minorities there is too little, but women--read selfish spoiled white trolls--are needlessly sucking up precious health care dollars and resources to keep their breasts from killing them. No where is that more apparent than in a New Yorker review of a book on Cancer.