Media and Democrats teaching young boys to sexually humiliate women is terribly, terribly dangerous


A young boy in Iowa tried to rape his mom after she told him he couldn't play with his violent video game. When he couldn't rape her he killed her. Hmm, I wonder what in our culture makes a young boy want to sexually dominate his mum when she tries to dominate him? I bet he called his mum a bitch when he was pulling off her pants during the assult. Flashback: "I want to rub my father's cock all over Sarah Palin's fat tits~Louis CK on Twitter 2008.

(Per the news story: the cops found mum's body naked from the waist down.)

Make no mistake: MSM's frenzy over Palin emails is misogyny

Dear fellow journalists: if the Palin emails put egg on our faces by showing that we distorted an engaged, competent and thoughtful Governor into a ignorant spiteful Bit$ch out of our utter hatred for female power--or the knowledge that to get ahead in male-dominated journalism we gals had better straddle the big bosses pony by enabling misogyny towards Palin--then here's what to do: say 'oh well, she's just a washed up divisive bit&ch now and that she's shown herself unable to handle media pressure.' For an example of how to use this gambit read the below excerpt of my story on Po

Jared L. Loughner, a man who "grew contemptuous of women in positions of power"~nyt


Well, well, well, guess what is buried in a story about shooter Jared L. Loughner? This gem from the NY Times:

“As he alienated himself from his small clutch of friends, grew contemptuous of women in power and became increasingly oblivious to basic social mores, Loughner seemed to develop a dreamy alternative world, where the sky was sometimes orange, the grass sometimes blue and the Internet’s informational chaos provided refuge.”

Every time the Times commits sexism, cancel the paper for a week!


Last week a group of us gals made a pact: Whenever the Times commits noteworthy sexism we will cancel our subscription to the Times for one week. Barely an hour went by before I had to call the Times and cancel for the next two weeks. Yesterday we wrote about Mauren Dowd's Mean Girl sexism of using sexism to hurt women. Today we will point out another atrocity the Times has committed against women.

Democrat wishes Palin Dead, MSM silent, plus Sexism at Smith and Wollensky


This week at a Smith and Wollensky restaurant I watched the manager of the restaurant upend the bar stool of a women whose only crime was disagreeing with the man who had come up to speak to her. It made me SICK to my stomach to watch this. The woman was with a group of folks and they were having a nice time as far as I could see. The woman had been nursing the same drink for over an hour and the men kept saying "tell us when you are old enough to drink and we'll buy you another glass of wine.' Clearly the woman was not drunk, she was very polite, even friendly.

This Feminist is SICK of special treatment.

brige to nowhere.gif

Sarah Palin changed her mind about a bridge. Barack Obama changed his mind about campaign finance.

Letterman, round two apology, this time acknowledging the millions who took offense to his sexism—BRAVE sponsor rumored to have pulled the plug on Letterman’s sexism

shine the light on sexism

Who’s making change? REAL change? Yes folks it is the new wave, 4th wave feminists, who have kept up the pressure on Letterman and his advertisers. Tonight, according to this report at Live Feed, David Letterman has again apologized for his misogyny--this time without smirking, so a birdy says.
Here is an except:

David Letterman re-addressed the controversy surrounding his jokes about Sarah Palin's family during the taping of CBS' "Late Show" on Monday.

How Editors Screw Women; Time's letter page used nicely

Palin governs/ Fey Plays

FemiSex has written exhaustively about media bias against women. About one year ago, a woman was being screamed at to leave a race she was winning. Then came Palin and we all know what happened to her. If you don’t believe the media did a hit job on HRC and Governor Palin then you do believe in talking, flying pigs.

FemiSex loves to dissect the small but effective examples of media bias against women. In sad remembrance: