rand paul

Yes, Ladies the Dem Left Media Does Think We Are THAT Stupid

This week NBC’s Ed Schultz said: Rand Paul Has "A History Of Talking Down To Women On Television" That’s rich coming from Misogynist Dem Schultz who recently called a female GOP media person a “slut” on broadcast TV. But, that is how Dems are gonna play it on Rand Paul: forget the issues, American women don’t care about the issues, not if we Dems can convince the stupid ladies that all GOP candidates hate all woman. Message to Dems from the Gals who won’t be Toyed with: IT’S the BIASED DEMOCRAT MEDIA STUPID.

Thank You Senator Rand Paul for telling Obama, nah ah, dirtbag, not on our Constitution. Take your drone and shove it!

Can you imagine if G.W. Bush had taken the position that it is OK to use a drone to stake out and assassinate an American citizen on U.S. soil who did not pose an immediate threat, without the slightest bit of due process? George Bush did no such thing but Obama has done it and guess what... The Regressive Democrat Party Liberal Media shrugs and says: so what. Really. And in reporting a filibuster by Senator Rand Paul, in which he spoke for some 13 hours in protest of Obama shredding of the U.S.