FemiStats: union fat cats; ObamaCaid sticks it to Middle Class; Dems give less to charity; and corrupt jobs numbers

“The average San Jose (CA) police office earned $203,211 in total compensation in 2012.
Cops can retire at age 50 with up to 90% of their final pay.
The average pension for a Ca. Highway Patrol officer is ~$90,000 per year.
Source: WSJ Dec. 1, 2013

But the Dolt taxpayer who funds this fat cat salary isn't gettn zada in pension per month. Time for pension reform!
ObamaCaid hurts those who must pay for insurance without the taxpayer subsidies. Here is a

Green light for a green planet? Will Obama get this right?

sick planet, please resuscitate

For the life of me, I have not figured out why Republicans seem intent on polluting the planet. I swear, if they had their way we’d all be stuck in the ozone hole debate as Rush whined about the “hysteria” of the Left and lack of evidence. Rush would have demanded the hole swallow him whole before he’d have allowed us to make the changes we needed to make in order to correct the problem. Thank goodness Rush had no say re Ozone.