NO, LA Times critic, Bitch is NOT a "great'' word, just as Nigger is not a great word to describe those who yelled Bitch as they beat a girl

We needn't fear the "bitch"; it's a great word, often funny, frequently apt, which is why it has become so popular. It's a high-caliber word and, as with any firearm, it should be used with, if not caution, then at least awareness.

And not just as another way to slap down those bitches at the FCC.

A woman ascends to take the fall—the story of Mary Barra

mary barra sexism CEO pay.jpg

The dolts at the NYTimes seem almost universally to have no notion of what is actually happening on any given day--the only given for the Times is the fact they are driven almost wholly by their desire to frame the news they present in a light favorable to Democrats in general, and Obama in particular. (Yes, today we're again told how wonderful ObamaCaid is when it is SO NOT.) To examine the Times' cluelessness, take this case study: A woman is named CEO of General Motors. Hmm, that’s something that has NEVER happened, not only at GM, but at any major auto company, as the Times points out.

Jill Abramson was fired for acting like a male; Democrat Sexism alive and well at New York Times

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In writing about the return of Mad men to AMC this spring, NYTimes wrote that at the ad agency featured in the series, “Male ad executives are constantly being promoted beyond their competence level, often over women better suited for the job.” The idiot writer of this piece—“Coffee, Tea, or Liberation?”—is Alessandra Stanley. Why Idiot? Well, FemiSex has chronicled her imbecility in the past, but let’s listen in to her new pronouncements shall we?

Louis CK told boys it is OK to rub their dicks on girls who displease them and guess what: rape is up 400%


Rapes up by 300% in Midtown Manhattan; rapes up by 400% Chelsea section of Manhattan; rapes up by 159% in Gramercy section of Manhattan; rapes up 150% in Soho section of Manhattan. As the NYPost reports: “Some of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhoods are exploding in a wave of violent crime that hearkens back to the bad old days when people feared going out at night, according to NYPD data obtained by The Post.”

Sexism in Science --women equal op offenders

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And on it goes, but watch out cause the boss folk don’t want to admit it. Despite zero evidence that men are smarter than wominz, it keeps coming that we gals think men are the tops. A PNAS paper just out shows that men AND women academic faculty have the screws out for women. They want to hire equally qualified women less often and pay them less money. Of course, ask a woman if she’s biased and she’ll say no quicker than spit, just as a man will. Here are the horrifying Proceeding of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) study results :

The NYTimes laments overuse of Really on TV, but nary a word about the overuse of the B word


The ObamaNYTimes recently put this header on a story: "The 'R' Word: Really, Really Overused." Well tickle my frickle, ain't thaaat somin. The bastion of--hairball coughup--feminism, has penned an item lamenting that on TV we Americans have to listen to the word "really" way too often. We Americans with a vagina have another problem a bit more pressing: we are called the 'B' word WAY too often, and the Times HAS NEVER penned that article, lamenting sexism via slut slamming women on TV nightly, calling us whores, bitches, sluts, skanks, and worse. Where is THAT article??

FemiSex Deathwish on Vikram S. Pandit pays off 4 years later! CEO Pandit fired from Citigroup


Four years almost to the day, it what it took for the sexist Vikram S. Pandit to get the boot after FemiSex put the banker on its Deathwatch List. Ba Bye Vikram! Fired this week from Citigroup. Here's what we wrote in October of 2008 about the man who knocks women down:

Friday, October 3, 2008 at 3:42 pm — M.A. Liginter
ONE Man Wrecking Crew, Vikram S. Pandit makes it to Femisex Deathwatch List
Vikram S. Pandit, Chief Executive, Citigroup.

Media Sluts Sarah Palin for hunting a moose; Lauds Mark Zuckerbery as ethical for hunting bison. Yes really!


Remember when the media excoriated Sarah Palin because she liked to hunt? So-called Feminists in mainstream, lamestream put Gov. Palin in sexual positions with more moose than live in the wild, practically. So what about men who like to hunt? Well, unless you are a white male Republican then God Speed dude, or so says the front page of the NY Times this week, as they proudly feature the strange creature that is Mark Zuckerberg.