Why Lefty Dems “journalists” are the new idiot box


“It took the jury about 14½ hours to decide it wanted to kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I take longer than that to pick out a pair of pants when I’m shopping online.” This is the lead sentence from a Slate item that despairs that Tsarnaev was given the death penalty for blowing helpless children and other civilians to bits as the watched the Boston Marathon.

The writer, one Seth Stevenson, feels really connected to Dzhokhar, and finds it “baffling” why the jury would met out harsh justice to Dzhokhar, cuz, ya know, he only became a vicious terrorist because, like, his bro told him to, ya know.

Stop blaming rape victims; it's like blaming blacks for being lynched


Slate magazine this week trotted out some advice to black people: if you don’t want to get lynched, don’t get drunk. Can you imagine? No you cannot because of the total assinanny bullshit of the thought. What Slate actually said was: Ladies, if you don’t want to get raped in College, don’t get drunk. Women need to STOP this bullshit. We need strong women to layitdownHARD on Hollywood, and Big Media and DemoRAT sites that want to pretend that moral responsibility is quaint.

Couple use gun to kill assailants; Bravo

Beore we start: let's look at what black "young man" did to this white women in San Francisco recently, after his gang had robbed her of her phone.

Now let's consider how things might have played out differently it this gal had had a gun to protect herself with, as the man returned to kick her in the face.

Obama, Gitmo and Liberal Protectionism


Who thinks it’s a dandy idea to intermingle radical Islamists with felons in the US penal system? No one with a clear thought in his head, you might say. And you’d be right. But that is exactly what Obama wants to do with Gitmo prisoners. Obama doesn’t plan to release them, he wants to bring em to a SuperMax prison in the heartland of the United States. Yes, he is THAT stupid. Or is he? Obama could easily release the prisoners, as says in their article titled: President Obama can shut Guantanamo Bay Whenever He Wants To; Congress isn’t actually stopping him.

Marie Claire magazine and Slate's Emily Bazelon team up to Bitch Bully Women

mad b beer.jpg

Emily Bazelon is well-respected by misogynists for her willingness to call women bitches. She’s part of the retrogressive liberal contingent at Slate who think women are best called whores and sluts when their politics are at odds with the retrogressive Slate agenda. This month in the February issue of Marie Claire and Missy Emily tag team in an article titled: “She May Be A Bitch—But is She a Bully?” Can you imagine a story titled: She May Be a Nigger But is SHE a Bully? No. But the anti-women paid contingent has no problem propagating anti-women bigotry to sell their magazine or an article.

Missy Bazelon at Slate pulls a Larry Summers, says women opt out; Missy Marcotte at Slate bashes Ann Romeny for saying women have it harder

wow, i seriously Hate women and wish them off my planet

Wow talk about whiplash! Emily Bazelon at Slate (who btw, knows "what women really think” in case you, dear gal aren't sure what you think, Emily and the Slate crew are here to tell you what you think! Snicker my fritz) posts that the reason women only get to write about knitting and womeny pinky stuff is..get readly for it: because they don’t want to write about politics and hard-hitting stuff especially if women are “the primary parent.” Then,....

Slate blasts Aaron Sorkin for Sexism as Slate heaps praise on sexist Louie CK. go figure


You’re just gonna luuuuv this: Slate, the online one stop shopping for anti-Hillary female writers hired by male top editors who pay them to write trite has penned an item that blast the sexist BIGOT Aaron Sorkin for, ta da: using women for the sole purpose of making men look good. Tickle my Frickle thays’re dumb girls over them tar thar at Slate, don’t even know when they are writing their own autobiography of lap diggity dogged devotion to all thing male that punish all things alpha female.

Here’s a taste: