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Good Riddance to James Dobson! Now: It’s time for an Overhaul of the Red Party

will there ever be male female balance?

Guest writer: Ms. Southern Magpie
It is delightful the hoary James Dobson is leaving Focus on the Family; now it is time for the GOP to return to its fiscal side and leave off on the social narrowism. It is time for an overhaul of the GOP. And really, how about a return to the Party that allowed women the vote! Let’s all remember it was a Republican Congress that allowed the 19th Amendment to sail thru passage!
And it was Republicans who put the Equal Rights Amendment in their platform in the 40s.

Trim the Bad Boy, until is looks like a Smart Girl! P.S. Crushing on Collins


Obama’s Big Spend has everything in it, including the Kitchen Sink. This package should have three prongs—jobs, tax relief, and housing rate relief.

Get mortgage interest rates down to 4.something % and allow all those current on their payments to qualify no matter what their present condition; create jobs for Both women and men; and find creative ways for tax relief. Get this done first! Cut the Pork!