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Condi Rice 2016??!! This lady rocks! Compare to Michelle Obama talking down to blacks

Pay special attention to the part of this clip that begins at ~ the 2 minute mark.

Retrogressive says “Susana Martinez’s veep suicide” and The New Agenda Nail the sexist media pigs

This is a great post by The New Agenda!!!! "The outrageous difference (again): Martinez vs. the “darling” boy Marco Rubio.June 20, 2012 by Valentina

The media and political parties, whether republican or democrats, just can’t help their bias against women. The case of Susana Martinez vs. Marco Rubio illustrates once more how the parties will support a man over a woman, no matter how prepared and politically skilled and equipped; and the media shows how they will use subliminal (and sometimes not so subliminal) language that will kill the political potential of a woman.