JUST Say NO to Obama’s SAVE FACE War in Syria


Top 10 reasons NOT to make war on Syria If Obama does it.

1. The Iraq was waged to establish a beachhead of democracy in the Middle East and protect the world’s access to oil in Iraq. We have no national interests to protect in Syria and Obama abandoned Iraq as they wended their way towards a full-fledged democracy after we deposed Saddam Hussein.

2. We do not go to war so Obama can save his face from stupid red lines he thoughtlessly drew when pounding his hollow chest a while back.

Obama is no "Bawse" and Feministing is

two- faced pol.jpg last August, let their readers know why Romney couldn’t be “bawse” [sic]. They said: “A good boss has a vision, a plan, a strategy.” And they lamented that Mitt Romney--who had created thousands of private sector jobs, saved the Olympics, took over the Mass. Governorship with the state facing a $3 billion budget deficit and leaving office and the state with a $2 billion surplus and significantly lowered unemployment, not by putting people on disability as Obama has done, but by putting folks back to work!—“can’t make up his mind for shit.”

Yes, Obama, you do need to get a Congressional on-the-record vote for war against Syria


It is great fun to watch whacknutties at the NYTimes and other extremist liberal media organizations touch their ankles in order to help Obama not look like the fool he is. This headline from the NYTimes says it all: “Bomb Syria, Even if it is Illegal.” Ha. Recall the Times obliteration of Hillary Clinton for saying for saying that if Iran nuked Israel, we’d “totally obliterate” Iran.

Scott Pelley, protecting b. Hussein Obama, proclaims it's up to the president of Syria whether America goes to war

"Whether the U.S. enters the war in Syria appears to be up to the dictator Bashar al Assad." Scott Pelley, CBS News