On the black vote and the re-gifting of taxpayer money


Jesse Jackson Jr. had a convenient mental break and checked himself into a fancy medical clinic as the House ethics committee closed in on him for money for power scheming and the Feds are investigating if he misused taxpayer money to buy himself a few house babbles. Yet, despite not campaigning nor showing his face in Chicago for months prior to the election, he “coasted” to his 10th Congressional term, voted back in by Chicago’s 2nd Congressional District—one with a demographic over 60% black and over 70% minority.

Free housing, schooling, food, medical care, utilities, furniture for Sylvia Brown and her several adult children


Let's get one thing clear: Newt will not win the women vote needed to get Barky out of office. Someone splain this to him. Fast. But that said, there is a reason why voters like Newt and here is one example from a item on RCP today: "Gingrich stood his ground and engaged in a needed, if uncomfortable, national discussion about the damage done to the family by the welfare state. This resonates with voters who are tired of being accused of racism for questioning whether the welfare state now hurts the very people it purports to help." Now let's turn our attention to one such welfare family.