Looks Like, Sadly, Barack Obama was Correct: those who slander Islam will have no future. Shame on you Barky

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Obama, who along with Hillary Clinton, blamed the murderous rampage in Benghazi on free speech, is a jackass. When both Hillary and Obama allowed that making a video was a just cause for violence, then that sort of violence will grow. And Yes, their actions re the video did allow for just that.

FemiSex once supported Hillary Clinton for POTUS. In fact, this site was born during the end of her failed primary season against Barack Hussein Obama. But once a fan, doesn't mean blind to her dangerous turnabouts under Obama.

From Red State.com

Terrorist Khalid Sheik Mohammed who brought down Twin Towers being charged as an "unlawful belligerent" by Obama


According to the NYTimes and other outlets, the Obama government is trying the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid FatsoFuckso Shaikh Mohammed, as, not a terrorist or enemy combatant, but as….wait for it… “an unlawful belligerent.” And the Obama Administration has called the terrorist massacre that a Muslim fuckwad committed at Fort Hood…wait for it… “workplace violence.” Please Allah, God, Jesus let Mitt Romney win! This has got to stop. Only a numnut like Obama tap dances around calling acts of terror, acts of terror.

Debt Deal means an INCREASE in our debt burden


After all the teeth gnashing and trash talking over the dept ceiling guess what? Not a dime is shaved from our debt. Spending "cuts" really mean not increasing spending as much as the democrats wanted. Biden called fiscal sanity terrorism for what?? That's right, for demanding we not massively increase our spending. This is what Obama fought tooth and nail. Here's how it goes at the micro level analogy:

Alice Walker reclaims slut and nigger as valuable to women and blacks, calls Americans terrorists


Feministing is favoring, yet again, calling women sluts. Here their latest misogyny champion Alice Walker praising the word:

"I’ve always understood the word “slut” to mean a woman who freely enjoys her own sexuality in any way she wants to; undisturbed by other people’s wishes for her behavior. Sexual desire originates in her and is directed by her. In that sense it is a word well worth retaining. As a poet, I find it has a rich, raunchy, elemental, down to earth sound, that connects us to something primal, moist, and free."

Back of the Bus—literally! Women the major victims of terrorism in the world.

sorry, but we won't forget

As I wandered though this election and watched as Mr. Obama benefited heartily from sexism and misogyny without speaking out I grew Very wary of the man. When he yelled at the top of his lungs (via Axelrod, of course) in protest of the slightest racial innuendo, or used what now appears to be a manufactured “kill him” at McCain rallies to bring the topic of racism to his aid, I was disturbed.