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Time magazine bemoans Slut and Whore—sort of; but ignores Democrat Hollywood is MAIN source of U.S. Cultural Misogyny

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Oh my, looke there: COWARD Time mag is decrying the use of the S and W words. The idiot Time item laments the use of the S word, saying it’s used “daily to harass, threaten and humiliate young woman and girls.” But Time REFUSES to say that the MAIN purveyors of slut and whore are Democrat Hollywood. Every night turn on a rerun of “Friends” or tune into “Hot in Cleveland” and you will hear SLUT pushed at you. And slut is not just for the little gals; Hillary Clinton was “a big fucking whore” according to Democrat radio, and Democrat Louis C. K.

Obama's Liberal Media protectors are Hurting America and undermining our democracy


In the January 30th issue of Time magazine(aka the unofficial arm of the Obama campaign) the foolish James Poniewozik writes a column lamenting the failure of media to “call out political lies” as told by politicians. Here is a pull quote:

“A journalism that gives distortions a free pass is, more and more readers and viewers realize, as good as useless. "

Ah, well said, but what about the HUGE distortions spun by media to help their favored candidate. Of that, Time and liberal media have no problem.

Football and Female Hatred: why do liberal women have so many rules for acceptable female behaviour?

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As I watched the game intermittently last night (with time outs for clicking over to Frozen to watch wolves eat a couple of skiers) I thought about a recent column in Time magazine that I’d read back in December of 2011. The title of the piece was “A League of Their Own—Adventures with women who love football and the women who love to hate them.”
Liberal women have a lot a pent up hatred of non-liberal women

... and they do much to further the women wars on any front they can—that has been my experience.

Time magazine features the Misogynist Bigot Louis CK, but fails to mention his hatred of women


Recently Time magazine did an item promoting (yeah it was a total puff piece, but what else does Time do these days) Louis CK's sitcom. (Yeah the moronic show is on life support) but Liberal Dude Nation needs Redneck bigots to spew hatred toward females for them, so..the silly plug for a intellectually bankrupt TV show. Now before we get into the Time piece, let's remind you all of what a REDNECK BIGOT Louis CK likes to say about women--here are some of his tweets:

Avert your eyes: it's the demon of personal responsibility


Do you all remember a while back the outRAGE by the so-called feminists over at Feministing regarding Whole Foods decision to offer incentives to employees who maintain healthy body weights, cholesterol levels and do not smoke? (see link below.) We found that pretty sad and yet another example of unthinking knee-jerk lefties.

Gimme it ALL, gimme More and MORE but without any cost to me. Don't bother people with incentives to better health. That smacks of, GOD forbid, sharp intake of left breath...personal responsibility.

The Press finds its Inner Dubya; CNN's Malveaux says this past year was High Point for Journalism

low water mark!

H. L. Trisky
It breaks my heart to know the profession of my choosing has refused to commit to any self-examination. Seriously folks, journalists have a job: examine the facts and report them to the public, yes report them even if you’d rather the public didn’t know.

The past year, 2008, saw an election that exposed Serious sexism and misogyny in the press; this past year, 2008, saw an election that exposed Serious bias of fact-based reporting in the press. This is a story. This is a Big Story. This is time for journalists to do the hard 360 on themselves.