Unemployment Stuck at Extremely High Levels Under Obama’s Tenure; PS, Google Sucking Jobs from Middle Class While Keeping Obama in Office

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Here is a fact that the Democrat-controlled mass media keeps hidden from those who don’t go looking: if unemployment numbers were an accurate reflection of who is really unemployed—that is, counted those who have just dropped out of workforce and are now likely living on welfare of some sort—our unemployment rate is a whopping 10 percent.

But rather that seeing an “Unemployment Stuck at 10% Under Obama’s Tenure; Historically High Levels of Labor Force Participation” as a headline, what Jane Q. Public gets is:

The Obama Unemployment plan: simply take them off unemployment and give them lifetime disability payments


In case you missed it...Obama is bring unemployment numbers down, but not the way you'd have thought if you listened to MSM for Obama. Yes, the numbers of those who are actively looking for work has fallen a tiny fraction of a percentage point. But what you didn't know: 5.4 million have decided to go from broke and go on the dole for life. IBD reporst 5.4 million people have signed up for permanent disability benefits under THE One...