Media and Democrats teaching young boys to sexually humiliate women is terribly, terribly dangerous


A young boy in Iowa tried to rape his mom after she told him he couldn't play with his violent video game. When he couldn't rape her he killed her. Hmm, I wonder what in our culture makes a young boy want to sexually dominate his mum when she tries to dominate him? I bet he called his mum a bitch when he was pulling off her pants during the assult. Flashback: "I want to rub my father's cock all over Sarah Palin's fat tits~Louis CK on Twitter 2008.

(Per the news story: the cops found mum's body naked from the waist down.)

Violence against women soars in the U.S.

A new government report just released finds that rape, domestic violence and sexual assault rates spiked sharply in the U.S.
What does spiked sharply mean?
In 2005, 190,600 “individuals” were raped or sexually assaulted
In 2007, at least 248,300 “individuals” were raped or sexually assaulted
(And trust me individuals is a euphemism for women! )

Incidents of violent crime against women by their partners almost doubled in the two year period. Doubled!!
By contrast, Incidents of domestic violent crime against males by their partners dipped.