violence against women

Democrats Dirty War on Women—aka on ABC, NBC, CBS as whores, sluts, bitches


When a black person is killed by a white person (rare occurrence) it is relentless coverage by Democrat MSM, blaring headers of racism.

When a white person is killed by a black person (common occurrence) it is a non-story, delegated to one off coverage, if that. Race of killer is not most often not mentioned.

When a white woman is raped by a black man (common occurrence), race is almost never mentioned.

When a black woman is raped by a white male (extremely rare occurrence) the Democrat MSM salivates and indicts before facts know.

Joe Biden says women who menstrate are snakes, misogynist Muslim-style; non-shock poll: vast majority Muslims approve of Honor Killings


Misogynist Muslims who demand that when girls come of age they cover themselves to erase their identity as women have nothing on Vice President Joe Biden. Last week Biden said that when young girls get to be young women they become “snakes.” Verbatim. "Snakes." And you wonder why violence against women happens when the VP of our country spouts such misogyny. "Snakes." Let’s be clear: honor killings happen because men think their women have become like snakes, the evil in the Garden that tempted man to his earthly doom.

FemiLab: B. Hussein Obama thwarts access to OTC emergency contraception, Again, plus other health news

Arm thyself
Homicide and suicide during pregnancy account for more maternal deaths than do obstetric causes.
Ladies, get thee a gun and protect thyself, unless you are planning to use it on yourself, that is. Obstet Gynecol 2011 Nov 118:1056
Women who underwent IVF had excess risk for ovarian malignancies, particularly borderline tumors.
Hum Reprod 2011 Dec 26:3456

And women are forever under Obama’s bus, unless they are looking for a free ride that is.

Woman stabs mate who broke into her apartment and repeatedly punched her in the face and SHE is charged. Really?


How many times a week is there a story in the New York Post about some scumbag who has killed his wife or girlfriend or just raped or sexually assaulted a random woman on the street. Too many to keep track. Now today the Post is reporting that a pregnant woman in Washington Heights (Kelly Roldan, 23) stabbed to death her babies' daddy (she is pregnant with twins) one Antoine Scott, 24, when he let himself into Roldan's apartment and started to punch her repeatedly in the face. Man alive are men afraid of women who stand up for themselves. Cops are saying they plan to charge Roldan! WTF?

Scum Bag Walking: Oscar Fuller


This man (pictured) is Oscar Fuller; he tried to park in a space that Lana Rosas was standing in, saving it for her boyfriend, he got out of his car, wound up his entire body and punched the 4'11" woman in the face so hard she became airborne before landing in a head plant on the cement sidewalk and now she's a brain injured woman missing a hunk of her skull.

From NYPost:

Three women killed every day in U.S from Domestic Violence

fat bitch or dumb bitch.jpg

"Violence against women is pervasive throughout the United States. One in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives. On average, three women are killed every day at the hands of a current or former intimate partner."~ National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Lynn Rosenthal WH advisor on Violence Against Women. Biden, NOT Obama, announces the position.

let's stress prevention, not post-abuse treatment

Washington, D.C. – The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) today applauded President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for naming Lynn Rosenthal as White House Advisor on Violence Against Women {VAW}/ A champion in the movement against domestic and sexual violence for three decades, Rosenthal led NNEDV from 2000 to 2006