Immigrants, ObamaCare and a stabbing in Georgia

I wonder, will this man be granted amnesty by our Corrupt Leader Obama? As reported in the NYDaily News, a white Georgia man was taking out trash behind his workplace, when a short Hispanic male tried to rob the man. But when the white man said sorry, I’ve no money, the Hispanic male tried to repeatedly to stab him in the heart with a 12-inch blade, that was only deflected from making a fatal plunge by the white male’s cell phone in his shirt pocket.

From the news report:

Obama says those on welfare should be given properity: Mitt and Paul say if you want thrive economically you must earn it, not welfare it


Merriam-Webster: Prosperity: Being Successful, thriving, economic well being.
Obama: "Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?"
FemiSex answers: We stay with what made us the Greatest nation on earth: We don’t let our non-prosperous starve or die in the streets, but we don’t tell them they are successful when they are essentially parasites, living only because others took the hard-earned route to prosperity.

314 million people in the U.S., legal and non-legal; 108 million of them on federal welfare (not inc. SS or Medicare)


Let's make this real simple for folks wondering which way to vote in November. Here is, According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the resident population of the United States, projected to 08/12/12:
314,145,332. And here is the number of people in the U.S (illegal immigrants and citizens) on means-tested welfare (welfare being foods stamps and programs but NOT Social Security or Medicare.) 108,000,000. Yes that's right a third of the people in the United States depend on others to pay their bills.

And this from Investor's Biz Daily:

Dems fight Repub efforts to limit welfare payments for strip clubs, casinos and cash back to illegal immigrants for "additional children"

Democrats, my former tribe, have gotten their bloomers in a twist of late when Republicans have asked....gasp...for things like: requiring people on welfare to "be in G.E.D. programs"~NYTimes or "barring the use of welfare debit cards at casinos and strip clubs" also the NYTimes.

Obama has no idea how to create jobs; welfare dependency is his trick


Yesterday we did a case study of one family on VERY generous welfare benefits. Yesterday Obama denied he is ramping up welfare to alarming rates. So here are the facts. Folks you can either have a man as president who has NO idea how to create jobs and who only knows shuffling money from one person's bank account to another's. Or you can have Mitt who knows what needs to be done to cut debt and make the United States, once again a lean fighting machine.


Zurana Horton would have been much braver if she'd thought about her 14 children's future BEFORE shots rang out


Zurana Horton was shot dead last week in New York. She was was caught in the crossfire of a gang's gun battle that took place outside of a New York Public School in Brooklyn in the middle of a Friday afternoon as kids were leaving the school. She died terribly and also well; she died because of gang violence and while being a hero in using her pregnant self to shield her child and other kids from a hail of bullets. Zurana Horton is a tragedy in her death but also her life. She had already had 13 children (one died) and was on her way to number 14. There is NO father involved.