FemiStats:Hollywood’s Misogyny—a new UN study finds women around the Globe getting the shaft; plus new data on STEM and women

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From a new UN global study: women get shit on by Big “Liberal” Media. Surprise. Kinda like sayn’ water is wet and gee whiz whoda thought. While you can barely find a black criminal in movies or TV, despite the high rate at which blacks commit crimes compared to their proportion in society, there are, according to Hollywood, thundering hordes of white women a killing and a thieving and a pillaging, despite the low numbers women commit such crimes compared to men. While not a surprise, it is useful to look at the findings of this study.

One in five girls on Campus reports rape; one in five women in Military report sexual abuse; 3% of civilian rapists spend a night in jail


You just can’t make headlines like this up: “Head of Air Force sexual-assault prevention busted for allegedly groping woman.” But that is exactly what the NYPost in reporting. And just last month the NYTimes reported that, according to a large survey of active-duty military personnel, one in five female service members say they’ve been sexually harassed and abused. So we have the head of the prevention program in bed with the pro-abuse program, as it were.

Joe Biden says women who menstrate are snakes, misogynist Muslim-style; non-shock poll: vast majority Muslims approve of Honor Killings


Misogynist Muslims who demand that when girls come of age they cover themselves to erase their identity as women have nothing on Vice President Joe Biden. Last week Biden said that when young girls get to be young women they become “snakes.” Verbatim. "Snakes." And you wonder why violence against women happens when the VP of our country spouts such misogyny. "Snakes." Let’s be clear: honor killings happen because men think their women have become like snakes, the evil in the Garden that tempted man to his earthly doom.

Obama says those on welfare should be given properity: Mitt and Paul say if you want thrive economically you must earn it, not welfare it


Merriam-Webster: Prosperity: Being Successful, thriving, economic well being.
Obama: "Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?"
FemiSex answers: We stay with what made us the Greatest nation on earth: We don’t let our non-prosperous starve or die in the streets, but we don’t tell them they are successful when they are essentially parasites, living only because others took the hard-earned route to prosperity.

Scum Control –arm women and watch their death rate plunge.

Now, compare and contrast with what happens to gals who are not in their home with the lovely gun?
From SFGate:
A 28-year-old woman who refused to surrender her purse to robbers suffered a life-threatening head injury when she was knocked to the ground in San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood late Thursday, police said.


A man mentored: Eric Lander


The New Agenda is a gal's best friend and they've got a fantastic Mentor UP! program going on over there so get busy and get with TNA! Today, I thought I'd look a a man's career that has been built on the mentor model. Eric Lander of the Broad Institute of Harvard and M.I.T. The NYTimes did a profile of him last month and all his mentoring jumped out of the page at me and I thought: wow, girls read this! So here are some select examples of a man who was mentored and what it did for him!

Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

Bush says women's rights are worth American lives. Bravo. Now where are the Dems on this?

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All the years I've waited for a president of the U.S. to say that fighting a war to free women was a good thing, I'd never have imagined that it would be a Repuplican. I know the Republican Party, prior to Roe v. Wade was more the party for women's issues and rights; i know that it was orignally the Republican Party that backed Equal Rights Ammendment for women. But who would have imaginged that G. W Bush would be the first potus to say war for women's freedom and humanity was a good thing. I do believe this is a first.