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FemiStats: Gender Pay Gap for Women Scientists is Serious; and Female Board Members

From, Nature (Nature 513, 577 (2014) doi:10.1038/nj7519-577a )
From the abstract: Last year, male scientists in the United States earned 20% more on average than did female scientists, according to a report by the US National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia….full-time scientists earn a median of US$100,000, with men at $110,000 and women at $88,000.
And things don’t get better with time.

John Tierney's Specious Bloviating about Women in Science


John Tierney is classic LDN: women are just as good as men, except they ain't. What I find most amusing is that the NYTimes allows Tierney to constantly refrain his argument that woman just ain't smartems as the men when it comes to smart stuff like science when it is sooooo easy to refute his premise. Here's slow in the acorn Tierney selling sexism: