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Even a 15% Solution Helps Women at Work


From Nature:

Women are more likely to realize career benefits from informal relationships with colleagues and others if they are in a discipline that comprises at least 15% women and are not simply tokens, finds a study--Cultural Correlates of Gender Integration in Science...

In a nutshell, the study, that looked at female scientists found that female bonding and networking and simple honest female friendship has a positive impact on women's careers.

Catalyst Awards for moving women on UP!


In case you missed this year'sCatalyst Awards--the annual award honoring exceptional initiatives from organizations that support and advance women in business--we want to be sure to show you who is doing it right. Kaiser Permanente, McDonald’s Corporation, and Time Warner Inc. won and read on to see the impressive gains they've made in moving women toward more power at work and in society. PS Don't forget to order your tickets to The NEW AGENDA'S bash next week! Link below!

From Catalyst: