Ah Contraire dear folks: ALL Lives DO NOT Matter

all lives DO NOT matter

Well, well, well. It has come to our attention that some object to the phrase All Lives Matter—and here is where we find common ground on that thinking, and believe us, that common ground is NOT in line with the Morons who will only Tolerate the Newspeak of All Black Lives Matter.
All Lives Do NOT matter and it has nothing to do with skin color or race or religion: it has to do with acts of deranged inhumanity. Let’s look at some subhuman Lives that DO NOT Matter:

Three masked black males walked into a Pooh’s Corner bar single file. One of them put a gun to the head of Diana Lawrence, a 63 year old white female customer, and shot her execution style. She died later at the hospital.
So, here is where we can start: Diana Lawrence’s life mattered. The shitbags who shot her, NO, not at all. Those three black male lives DO NOT MATTER.


The French Terrorists-- Cherif Kouachi, Said Kouachi, Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene--Lives DO NOT Matter.
Boston Bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, DO NOT Matter.

And for those who think only Black or Muslim lives cannot matter, here is a White shitsack whose life does NOT matter.
Anthony R. Sather, 24, was arrested last Wednesday after his girlfriend discovered three videos on the man's computer showing him allegedly killing her dog, the Star Tribune reported.
This White Life is of NO MATTER.

And here are Three Black Lives and One White life that --DO NOT MATTER.

The stupid black males and stupid white male raped a smart white girl.

From NYDaily News

Thurman described in explicit detail how one former player assaulted her with a water bottle while a teammate egged him on. The prosecutor said one of the players passed out condoms and assaulted her.
And one of the former players urinated on her and made a racial statement, Thurman alleged.
Three of the ex-players are black and one is white. The victim is white.

Players were apparently seen on video dragging the unconscious woman down the hall. They giggled, shot video and sent text messages while they sexually abused her in an assault that began in a hallway, the prosecutor alleged.

Now, let’s be Clear about crime rates in America, blacks commit a massively disproportional amount of crime in the US. And that will not abate, to the detriment of the black community, until the US Media is honest about that. (Black males make up only about 6% of the US population and they commit about half of all murders in the US.) That said, there are Many Lives that DO NOT Matter, and those lives come in all colors.

When we can come to common sense and agree that despicable actions require announcements that because of those actions, those lives are no longer important, we can come to a place where we understand that to be human is to act in a very specific way.


Killing your infant is sick,

Killing your infant is sick, but hurting it like this means you are worth zero.


Two black teens kill white

Two black teens kill white mom who adopted one of them.

Their lives are worthless.

A white piece of shit woman

A white piece of shit woman whose life is worthless
Wendy Holland was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse for her part in an abusive sex ring that ran for years. The crimes are connected to the 2012 disappearance of a suspected victim, 19-year-old Brittney Wood, who is presumed dead.


These 4 lives don't matter.

These 4 lives don't matter.


Probably illegals. News won't say.

The trash who robbed this

The trash who robbed this unconscious man instead of helping him Do Not Matter.

Evidently it is par for the course in this Oakland nabe.

Well said

Well said

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