As the Rooster Crows and Nancy Pelosi lies, dening she knows Jonathan Gruber

Nancy Pelosi is a Liar. Oh, those Democrats, how they lie so pathetically, to Americans they deem “too Stupid” to catch on. H/t Deb Saunders SFGate and RealClearPolitics

Then: Nancy Pelosi patently lies, saying ObamaCare will lower costs and citing Grubner's analysis. Ha, lower costs my ass. Only if you count handing out welfare as lowering health care premiums. Cost are up for most premiums, even as deductibles soar and access to the best docs and institutions and medical centers shrinks under the weight of ObamaCare’s 2,000 plus pages.

Now listen to Pelosi change her story this week as, like Peter, she denies knowing the man, Jonathan Gruber, whom in the above clip she clearly referenced as a key ObamaCare player.


nice blog

nice blog

f'n hilarious: Slate has this

f'n hilarious: Slate has this in pull quote today

Conservatives believe that Obamacare only became the law of the land because President Obama misled the public.

Faced with Gruber's statement that LIBERALs know that ObamaCare only became the law of the land because President Obama LIED to the public--the stupid public.

Wasn't it Mao who said the masses have an endless appetite for socialism? Look what happened to China under Chairman Mao. Obama is Chairman Obama of re-education.

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