Barack Obama: the Angriest Black Man in the World

Obama’s Dictatorial Stance on Immigration Must Be Halted or the USA will be a One Party Nation and US Freedom Will Cease
We the people have a right to a sovereign nation. Never in the history of this great country has any president tread on that notion more than the very dangerous Barrack Hussein Obama. Everyone understands why Obama is tossing open our borders, bypassing Congress on immigration, and ordering that standing immigration laws be ignored. He is padding the USA vote forever with illegal Democrat voters.

And just ask lefty media folks who readily admit (in private) that it’s a great thing to pump up minorities in this country via any means possible in order to block the white vote—a vote that consistently wants the USA to remain a sovereign nation with actual borders.

From the Washington Times:
President Obama’s new deportation amnesty will remain halted, a federal judge in Texas ruled Tuesday night in an order that also delivered a judicial spanking to the president’s lawyers for misleading the court.

Judge Hanen pointed to Mr. Obama’s comments at a February town hall when the president warned immigration agents to adhere to his policies or else face “consequences.”

Wow, Obama is saying to our law enforcement folks: ignore the laws of the land and do as I KING Barack Hussein Obama say, or ELSE.

Seriously. In the USA why are we allowing this to stand?
And just in case you didn’t know it: not only are we allowing this to stand we are paying for the US to go into Central America, find folks who came here illegally and BRING FLY THEM BACK INTO THE USA and GIVE THEM BAGS OF $$ and GIFTS all paid for by those of you (~50% of the US population) who Actually pay federal taxes.
2014, unaccompanied alien children from Central America walked across America’s southern border in droves. This year, the U.S. government will pay for unaccompanied alien children to be flown into the country, even if they were convicted of a felony, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot.

And evidently, wow, if they don’t speak English or are illiterate, we (er, stupid taxpayers that is) give them disability benefits.
Now least you think that it is just some Texan Judge who says Obama is a BIG FAT LIAR and Bully on Immigration, well NOPE. Better give up that Dem Hope, cause the Democrat Washington Post even says Liar Liar Barack Obama has pant on fire.

Even the Washington Post Editorial Board is calling Barack Obama a Liar--Immigration lies and more lies from Obama
THE WHITE House has defended President Obama’s unilateral decision to legalize the presence of nearly 4 million undocumented immigrants as consistent, even in scope, with the executive actions of previous presidents. In fact, it is increasingly clear that the sweeping magnitude of Mr. Obama’s order is unprecedented.

Yep that is our country that Obama is illegally tossing away.
One day folks gonna wake up and say well if the rules don’t apply to them then…fuck em they don’t apply to those of us who have lived by them and paid taxes by them… and then revolt will take place… and Obama knows this too, and… that is why he is militarizing our civilian police force.

In fact Obama may be the angriest black man in the history of the world.

America was sweetly naïve in electing him in 2008, and sadly, treacherously paternalized by 2012 to re-elect him. We are indeed at the tipping point in history and I fear that unless we elect a strong Republican with a strong Republican Senate and House in 2016 there will be no going back to the Freedom and Independence that made our country what is once was.


Vasilio Martínez, a 39-year-old irrigation worker, who was caught in Arizona trying to return to his wife and five children in Washington state, where he had lived for nine years.

Economist says it's "cruel" to deport him.

I'm a US citizen who did all the long waiting and lots of paying to come to the US. I don't have five kids on welfare services getting free education, medicine, medical care, food, housing, you freaking name it.

Check out the comments section of that article though and you'll get better opinions

you want an open door policy in the USA whereby anyone in the world willing to work in America is legally allowed to, then advocate for it instead of moaning about the legitimate enforcement of current federal law. But I've got news for you: most Americans don't want an open door policy and it's not because they are "not-very-bright" as you put it; rather it's because they have social and economic concerns that they have expressed democratically. As for the argument that no houses would be built were it not for illegal Mexican migration or that no dishes would be washed, somehow the economy functioned pretty well for hundreds of years before the massive illegal flow of migrant labor began in the middle of the 20th century. There's no reason the country can't incentivize its own citizens to work in construction, on farms, and in kitchens. I think it should be government policy to encourage a work ethic in its own citizenry. If that's crazy, call me crazy.

To my Brit friends who say we

To my Brit friends who say we shouldn't be deporting "housepainters," I say OK happy to send them to England and have them foot the bill for the loads of social services and free nappies those housepainters google up while working off the books. Sorry but there IS a border.

One day folks gonna wake up

One day folks gonna wake up and say well if the rules don’t apply to them then…fuck em they don’t apply to those of us who have lived by them and paid taxes by them.

Absolutely true. That is why Obama has ordered massive non-military ammunition stockpiling.

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