Barbara Morgan calls Weiner intern slutbag; NOTE to NY: DO NOT EVER HIRE Misogynist Morgan!


You know her. You work with her. You live next door to her. You shop in the same stores; share the same bus ride; wave at a charity event at her or cross paths with her at the food pantry or Walmart. She is THAT woman. That woman, who is very likely a Democrat. She doesn’t tolerate other women unless the other woman comes in a pre-approved package, speaking pre-approved words, living a pre-approved life. If you don’t hew HER line, then she calls you a slutbag, a fucking twat, or a cunt. She is every Democrat woman who called Palin a slut and Hillary a whore. She is your number one enemy.

And her name is Barbara Morgan and she is TOXIC. Note to MSNBC: she is YOUR gal Friday. Note to the rest of humanity: send this girl back to her mamma’s house to live and DO NOT EMPLOY HER unless she is quarantined in a cell scrubbing toilets.

Yes we are talking about the freakshow that is Anthony Weiner’s something-or-other in his bid to be mayor of NYC. Weiner is Clinton and Weiner’s wife is Hillary and we’ve been there before and fuck no we don’t want to go back….I did not have sex with THAT woman! But I did text her my dick and now I have a woman helping to run my campaign that is the biggest bigot in the city and is a HUGE misogynist…just like me, but hey…Twat did you SaY?? Isn’t that Monica over there….yes, I do call all my intern’s Monica, he, he, says Weiner but that’s not so bad, right you Slutbag, Cunt, Nigger of a woman….yeah,…even I know no one would forgive me the nigger rant…so let’s just keep sticking it to women and letting women stick it to each other and fuck you Jennifer Flowers and all you other slutbags who don’t want to suck Democrat Dick.

Dear FemiSex readers: in case this is confusing to you, please read this:


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