Blacks commit nearly 80 percent of all shootings in New York and two-thirds of all violent crime ~City Journal. Blacks commit 99% of all Knockout attacks

Black on White crime needs to be called out by EVERY media outlet. The video ends with the reporter promulgating that a Black assaulting person of another race is a “macho thing” –not only is that completely wacked, it’s a clear and present danger to society. The Knockout Game is case of human slime, not a game at all.

Recently a suspect, black male, 35, was arrested for viciously attacking six woman—five Jewish, one White. The man is out on bail. This is no game. But the media is calling it the Knockout Game. And before the Jewish community was targeted, when this Game was Black on non-Jewish Whites, the media basically refused to report on it at all. The suspect, Barry Baldwin (yes, Obama if you had a son, blah, blah) said he beat these women in self-defense, because he didn’t like “the way she looked.”

Today we will introduce you to a few other victims of Black violence in this country.
Meet young Colton Gleason, who was Killed by this “Game.”

Here is the Black man who killed Colton : Jesse Smithers, black male slime, got a measly 10 years for ending the life a fine human being who died protecting his friends during an unprovoked attack. Slimeball will be out in time for his 30th birthday.

The white college kid killed by Black violence was protecting his female friends “from a carload of attackers.” He will never have another birthday, let alone a 30th. The attack was unprovoked.

Next let’s meet Ashley Jacob, a 31 year-old black female who stabbed a blond white women on the subway in New York, because...the woman allegedly stared at her.
Read more:

Next, highlitwo other black males, who doused a man with gas and set him ablaze.
That’s a knockout punch for sure.

Next: This video shows a retired white male teacher, who works as an usher for the Rangers, getting clocked by Black slime at a McDonalds:

Hard to stomach.

Now, meet Philip Chism, a teenaged black male who viciously killed his white teacher ,Colleen Ritz.
This Black male videotaped himself raping and killing the young teacher.
He raped her, slit her throat, dragged her to the woods, leaving her naked below the waist and exposed above the waist.

Next meet four black men who beat an Asian grocery owner almost to death with their skateboards. The victim was so badly mangled he’ll need major reconstructive surgery and CBS News, refused to show the man’s injured face, as it might upset viewers. The newscaster, as usual refused to indentify the race of the four black plague-ers.

Next up, meet, Deondre Williams and Morgan Townsend, two black males who beat a man to near death after their friends stolen their cell phones out of their hands. “At one point, 15 to 20 “people” surrounded one of the victims as the two black men tried to kill them with a wooden club.

Now, how about the killing a 5 year-old black child by a 13-year old neighbor. Evidently the child was “irritating” the killer so he smashed his head with a bowling ball. Sida Osman will never turn six. Read more:

And there is the Black pack that assaulted folks after the Pink gay pride event in San Francisco.

Then there was the Black man, Douglas Reddish, who, like a total sissy, sucker punched a drunk guywho used the N-word, leaving the victim with a brain injury. And before anyone says it is OK to wallop a stumbling drunk man, inebriated to the point of incoherence, because he calls you a name, then watch out…cause that means white girls can take a baseball bat to the brain of any Black male who calls them the B word….rappers who are stone cold sober and use the B word, S, word and W word to make $$$, beware…seriously, think about it…drunk dude stumbles up to gal in a bar, says, ‘get outta my way Bitch, and WHAM, gal pulls out a baseball bat and kills the dude.

Then there is “career criminal” Black male Richard Davidson who “violently shoved a 93-year-old white woman down a flight of stairs,” as she returned to the majority black neighborhood of Washington Heights to visit her childhood home.

Next up, a teen Black male, killed a 71-year old Hispanic male who was out picking up some groceries for his family.

Then check out the Black pack that used a taser to rob in DC. “DC police search for suspects in taser attacks.”

And how about 74-year-old Charles Pace who was attacked by three men, in what police say was likely a Knockout attack. That attack came on the heels of another Knockout to a 69-year-old Hispanic male. CBS did not report the race of the attackers…ha, can you guess why?

And two Black males, Malcolm James Stevenson, 25, and Richard Bernard Spears, 23, brutally beat white man until he lost consciousness.
Check this, the police refused to call this a hate crime, why…because no name calling occurred. Eye roll.

Next up: teen Devin Alexander, Black male, who punched an elderly white lady in the head, as she walked out of a store. The pigfucker laughed and caught himself on video, calling it his “smack Cam!”

Not to be outdone, a mixed-race woman brutally beat and mugged an 89-year-old white lady in Oregon. The suspect, Tiffany Denise Smith, also robbed at least one other elderly woman.

And how about the three teens, who beat down an 89-year-old man walking home from getting breakfast at 6 a.m. ABC news refused to say that the suspects were black but…they wore hoodies and could have been Obama’s sons.

Then of course, the NJ carjackers, a quad of black men, who shot and killed a young lawyer in a mall parking lot in front of his wife. The Black men all had “long rap sheets” according to news reports, including robbery and drug busts, but …walking around free to kill and…they did.

Next stop, Brooklyn, and black man who chocked and robbed a 71-year-old woman, then threw her to the pavement, “like a rag doll.” True slime.

Then there is the man in Hoboken who was hit by Knockout and died.
And a man in Union Square was also killed by Knockout Slime.

And a women in DC had a group of 8 males (no race given, ha) swarm her and punched her in the head.
Black Slime commit :”One-hitter quitter." They joke about this black on white crime, or black on Hispanic crime, or Black on Asain crime.

Perps are “Monsters”

And no, the black male who killed a non-black male is NOT a good kid, sista! He is slime.


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Another black on white

Another black on white knockout attack on video

Why is it that so-called

Why is it that so-called feminists turn their back on these temp women's issues: Islamic mal treatment of women, and the high rates of black on white rapr in this country?

Goo post. It is all about statistics, and ignoring the high rates of black on white crime only exacerbates the problem.

Knock out that white cracker, say pack of feral niggers as they attack disabled vet.

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