Community Colleges are the open path to advancement for youth that has yet to achieve; Four year colleges must be earned admission

This week the Times wrote about falling numbers of blacks admitted to the City University of New York’s four-year colleges after most of those schools demanded better entry testing for all comers. The Times notes that once minimum test score requirements fell into place, the percentage of blacks at those four-year colleges fell from 17% to 10%. Well, as usual the Times is missing the point. The point is not what happens at four year schools but what happens at two-year community colleges--

...those are the schools that should and MUST take all comers no matter of test scores at time of admission with ONE BIG caveat:

Two year Community colleges must not be places to go to school for four or five years while racking up student loans and getting government handouts to stay in school. One year. That is the period that should be a student’s trial period. ANY person, regardless of prior tests scores or even if they have or don’t have a high school diploma should be granted open admission to two-year community colleges where, during that year, they must take a minimum load of classes and get at least a C average or better. There is no reason to think those students can’t work part time to pay their bills while at the same time getting the basic classes needed to prove their ability and commitment to better themselves.

If after one year they’ve done this: completed a minimum number of class credits and gotten at least a C average on those classes then they should be allowed to enroll for the following year. Graduation from a two-year school must happen in less than four years, which will allow those with young children or other family issues to take lighter loads while not staying on for 5 or even 10 years which is far to often the case as taxpayers pick up the tab.

What we need is not programs that put underperforming kids into four-year colleges for which they are not prepared and which will pull down the four year school’s ranking and desirability for those who have proven they can cut it at a four-year school. What we need is a place for anyone with a minimum level of smarts to have a chance to prove themselves in the first place and then transfer to a four –year school when the proof is in the pudding.

As one of the editors of FemiSex, I can say that we harp on the need to educate before you procreate. And we hold women accountable for the terrible and irresponsible choices they make in life. As a recovering Democrat, I find the blight of inner city has been in large part cast by Democrats caring more about how they see themselves as heroes (look at how great I am) than doing the tough love that gets inner city youth on its feet. Community colleges are places that allow anyone, no matter how forlorn, to get a shot at a dignified life. And that must be sacred. Some of the best teaching to undergrads happens at a Community college. But as usual the Times wants to put kids who can barely speak and spell at top notch universities because the Times wants to feel good about themselves—to hell, with the failure rate of the kids it shoves into an environment for which they will likely flounder.

Here is link to NYTimes item which conflates the four year admissions issues with two-year admissions issues. (The Times journalism is so sloppy of late it is hard to know if their was even an editor on this piece!)

And from that same day’s Times this news about teachers helping kids cheat their way though public school.
Cheating Inquiry Under Way at 2 Top-Rated City Schools.

The gist: at schools that showed remarkable test scores the kids classroom work was poor. Looks like the teach was giving out the answers to boost scores.


This is the Democrat thinking

This is the Democrat thinking I wish imbued the party. Sadly though Obama has radicalized the Democrat Party to the point I find very distressing.

I too think all comers should

I too think all comers should be admitted to two year colleges and I like the idea of performance markers.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Make sure

Yes. Yes. Yes. Make sure every person who is a legal resident of this country has the chance to prove themselves and work their way upward. That is what America is. We can't bring 6 billion ppl to America and give them community college educations but we must guarantee the option for our citizens.

Fair enough. I feel for all

Fair enough. I feel for all the North Koreans who don't have access to taxpayer subsidized community colleges in the U.S., but I don't think it's fair to ask Americsns to pay for non citizens education. We have millions of kids to educate as it is.

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