Covering up the fact that a large amout of black on white violence is hate crime is our new national shame


This week a group of five blacks drove by a group of three white soldiers they did not know and yelled anti-white racist slurs at the white soldiers. The blacks stopped their car, got out and continued their argument with the white men. Then a black man stabbed one of the white soldiers in the heart a few times, killing him on the spot. This is not a hate crime say the officials. FemiSex says: DANGER. DANGER. DANGER!

Pretending that blacks are not targeting and killing whites is like pretending whites did not target and kill blacks in the pre-Civil War South.

Enough. Whites targeted blacks consistently in the history of America and there was a time when that was not acknowledged as hate crimes. That has a huge mistake and America has a stain. But… NOW, the history has swung and blacks target and kill whites and the media and powers that be refuse to name this as racially-driven. Watch out, DANGER. This will not serve blacks or whites and will stain America all over again.

Now let’s meet a man you’ve not met before: Pat Mahaney, an Ohio man who was beaten for no reason by a group of “bored” black teenagers. DANGER. The black teens ambushed Mr. Mahaney as he walked to his home in a suburb of Cincinnati. A year after his beating Mahaney died. The teens were 13 and 14 and the penalty for Mahaney’s beating was extraordinarily light. Probation for some and no charges for others.
No one spoke of hate crimes.

And now let’s introduce you to Fannie Gumbinger, a 99 year-old white woman, beaten mercilessly, Hatefully, in her home by a black man who was robbing her. No one called this a hate crime and no one will…to the horrific shame of our nation.
Here is a picture of the subhuman slime who killed her:

here is Fannie Gumbinger, pictured in video.


I haven't heard boo about

I haven't heard boo about this! When are we going to demand media accountability? They fn' edit Hispanic male's 911 tape to make him seem racist. (If the guy wasn't half white they wouldn't have done that FYI.) now five black animal hunt down and kill men they call crackers and, crickets!

Trayvon was killed because he tried to kill Zimmerman and all Zimmerman was doing was trying to protect his community.

Heavy sigh.

Heavy sigh.

Spot on. Democrat liberals

Spot on. Democrat liberals are killing this nation. Excusing hate is tolerating hate.

Well said

Well said

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