Demand Ebola Air Travel Restrictions –NOW

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From the Daily Mail:

There are now calls to restrict travel between affected countries and the U.S., but the White House has deemed the move unnecessary.
'It would be reasonable [for the president] to designate Ebola as a communicable disease of public health significance. That would enable the State Department to impose tighter restrictions on visitors' from these countries, Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies told the Daily Caller.


Hundreds of passengers were exposed to Mr Duncan after it was revealed today that the traveler took at least three flights to get from Liberia to Dallas - because there is no direct flight from Belgium to Texas.

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Obama has become a Clear and Present Danger to American Interests and American Citizens. He is refusing to act to secure Americans from a deadly virus. Yep, that be the same Obama who Refused recommendations by his National Security Team to act against ISIS; Obama said not necessary, because ISIS a JV team. Obama said this when intelligence was telling him a whole other truth: ISIS was a very big threat.
Obama is a liar and has not the slightest interest in protecting American citizens.

Illegal immigrants from Central America are in the US spreading rare forms of communicable diseases to US children as we speak. Obama has in fact seeded these kids into your schools knowing many likely carry dangerous communicable diseases. Obama has crossed the Rubicon here. Demand a halt to illegal immigration NOW.


A travel ban is no different

A travel ban is no different than the protocol used when dealing with an infected individual except that it is ramped up on a national basis. No one can deny that quarantine is the preferred method of containing the disease. Keeping the virus contained in West Africa will allow the world to concentrate its efforts in one place. Allowing the epidemic to spread around the globe will only divert resources from the source countries and tax the medical community in the US beyond its ability to confront the threat.

Another gem comment

"In the end progressives are

"In the end progressives are not concerned about the health and welfare of the American people. They care more about their ideology of open borders and third world migration to the first world."

The above comment, taken from comment section under an article on Leftist site Politico, nails it. The readers comment take apart the fallacy of the Leftist Politico author, who opposes a travel ban to contain Ebola.

President Ebola Is an ISIS

President Ebola Is an ISIS operative. He said ants this virus in the US. Impeach him now and secure our borders !

Odummer has given us an Ebola

Odummer has given us an Ebola Czar who is not a medical expert. WTF is wrong with this jack hole?

Two-thirds of those polled

Two-thirds of those polled support travel restrictions on people entering the United States from the Ebola-stricken countries, according to the Washington Post today.

Obama says Ebola just a jay

Obama says Ebola just a jay vee virus. You know " like HIV"

Barry is an assHole

Even the Left is complaining

Even the Left is complaining that Obama is a full-throated LIAR:

"Last month, President Obama announced that all the necessary steps had been taken “so that someone with the virus doesn't get on a plane for the United States.” Had the public realized what those precautions consisted of — merely checking travelers' temperatures, even though infected people can remain without a fever for weeks, and asking them whether they had been in close contact with Ebola patients — many Americans probably would have disagreed with the president. It was only a matter of weeks before Obama's words proved inaccurate."

This is from an opinion by Los Angeles Times editors, a far Left paper.

Ebola Duncan lied to the airport screenings, saying that he'd not been exposed to Ebola, when he knew he had been!

I agree, we need a travel ban.

Totally lame attempt by

Totally lame attempt by Democrats to keep letting Ebola into USA published by Washington Post editorial today.

This is pure bunk. No one is saying not to send aid to those in Africa. What the majority of the electorate wants is to stop African nationals from coming into the USA and bringing Ebola with them. Shame on Obama for not protecting USA first.

Now!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama is an

Now!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama is an ass.

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