Democrat Media Attempts to Bully Americans into NewsSpeak

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Bullies are those who use their position of some power to torment others, most often for the express purpose of getting others to hate the object of their scorn. Bullies are at their heart cowards and despicable people who want to poison public opinion against someone or even something, e.g., the GOP. Now, Yet ANOTHER study finds that the Democrat Media use their position of power to, in effect, bully Republicans. And recently the Wall St. Journal gave a prime example of the Bully Democrat Media in action—pointing out how exactly the New York Times explicitly uses their bully pulpit to get readers to HATE Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

From Wiki:
Newspeak is the fictional language in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell. It is a controlled language created by the totalitarian state as a tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, and peace.

Next the new media study:

A sweeping study of some 130,213 news articles on the 2012 presidential match between President Obama and Mitt Romney has proven anew that there was a strong pro-Democratic bias in the U.S. and international press.

Now, an example of that in action:
James Taranto in the Wall St. Journal exposes how the Obamaphile New York Times, in the service of Democrats, use their position of power to poison people against someone who dared cross their Dear Leader: Obama.

You’ve just got to love the grudging way Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times reported Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election yesterday: “After a bruising campaign focused on his failings, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel won a clear victory in Tuesday’s elections and seemed all but certain to form a new government and serve a fourth term, though he offended many voters and alienated allies in the process.”

One could have said much the same of Barack Obama, who in 2012 won a clear victory after a bruising campaign focused on his failings, though he had offended many voters. Needless to say, the Times didn’t.

An accompanying “news analysis” by Isabel Kershner delves into meteorology, observing “there was a cloud over [Netanyahu’s] apparent turnaround, the result of an increasingly shrill campaign that raised questions about his ability to heal Israel’s internal wounds or better its standing in the world.” Netanyahu’s “critics,” in Kershner’s words, “reaffirmed his reputation as a cynical, calculating politician.”

Yes, name-calling is an outright tactic of the Dem Media to Bully the targets of their antipathy. As an example: When it was Hillary against Obama in 2008, the craven Bully Missy Maureen Dowd used her pen to whack away at Hillary with every sexist negative term known to the English language while propping of the nut job Obama with dozens of words of “Golden” praise.

Dowd in this one column titled Begrudging Obama’s Bedazzling:
Missy Dowd bullies Clinton with:

Her primal scream
pea-green with envy
she has turned into Sybil
Let’s-Get-Down-in-the-Dirt-and-Fight-Like-Dogs Hillary
dizzying and unsettling
going down the drain
peevishly and pointlessly complained
Her-Own-Person-Who-Just-Happens-to-Be-Married-to-a-Former-President Hillary

Dowd Services Obama with:
Golden Child
Obama is exceptionally easy in his skin

What should really strike FEAR into anyone reading the column by the NutJob sexist idiot Mean Girl Missy Maureen Dowd is that via her lover talk of Obama, she put this country in deep peril.
This is what she wrote about Foreign Policy and Obama in that item:

Dowd quoting Hillary in 2008:
“I think that there is a certain phenomenon associated with his candidacy, and I am really struck by that because it is very much about him and his personality and his presentation,” Hillary said, adding that “it dangerously oversimplifies the complexity of the problems we face, the challenge of navigating our country through some difficult uncharted waters. We are a nation at war. That seems to be forgotten.”

Actually it’s not forgotten. It’s a hard sell for Hillary to say that she is the only one capable of leading this country in a war when she helped in leading the country into that war. Or to paraphrase Obama from the debate here, the one who drives the bus into the ditch can’t drive it out.

Obama has been a total train wreck for this country. Period. And anyone who would not admit that Obama (Who admitted his vote on war, if he’d been in Congress at the time, would have surely been a political one, not a ‘what’s best for the country vote’) has—hell forget the ditch—Obama has pushed the America Bus off the Cliff.

Every gain we made (and Iraq WAS a GAIN—a FIRST in Middle East Democracy-- brought to you by…war, same as Emancipation/Black Democracy was brought to you by WAR, same, Ending Fascism/Saving Jews/Gays was brought to you by WAR) from the Iraq War, Crazy Obama has viciously and patently thrown away like yesterday’s trash.

Obama has served up ISIS and that, Dowd is a DISASTER for woman on this globe. Now…shall we send Missy Dowd and her Bully Pen to live in the Middle East under ISIS, or…ya think she’d better liked to be one of those gals with a purple finger voting for the first time in free elections in Iraq during the G. W. Bush years of emerging gains in independence for women in the region. Hmmmm.

Or how about Libya for Dowd where woman, after Obama’s incompetent (non-authorized) war, are far worse than before. Or maybe in Egypt where things are shittier for most women because of Obama’s stupid destabilizing of the region.

I’m very sorry to say: Hillary has morphed into a nasty replica of Obama, but that is not the issue in this column. What we have here is a corrupt Bullying Democrat Media that counts on Americans (and the world) to buy their stupid Bullying Biased Shit.

Only so long can the public be bullied into submission. That is my hope. And apart from the knee-jerk Upper West Side, an area so adrift from reasoned, curious thought that they might as well be in a Madrasas, I am hopeful that the rest of us see bully bias for what it is: an attempt upon our independent thought process; an attempt to thwart a democracy that understands two oppositional parties are essential for good governance. Before Obama Americans once understood that demonizing one party at all costs is STUPID. Now, well that is the Obama way and those who support Obama have had to become followers of STUPID or concede his politics are not good for this nation.

You can be sure that when it is down to Dem against Republican in the fall of 2016 the Bully words and stories will be used against the Republican candidate (whoever that may be) and the Golden words and stories will be used to help elect the Dem Candidate, even if that is “whining” Hillary.



Exhibit A

I, like Ms. Powers, support gay rights. But I'm starting to question if I need to back away from that support. I hate bullies and thoughtcrime police of the wing nut democrat media.

Only so long can the public

Only so long can the public be bullied into submission.

Maybe. Because the Obamas have totally divided the nation I am not so sure. It seems to me they are importing voters who will blindly side with democrats, voters too simple and uneducated to grasp how they are being manipulated.

Bullies are those who use

Bullies are those who use their position of some power to torment others, most often for the express purpose of getting others to hate the object of their scorn.

Every political news article I read seems to me a version of this.

I'm so sick of wingnut

I'm so sick of wingnut journalists blowing smoke up our asses. I don't even read any big papers anymore. Waste of time

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