Did you hear the one about the prostitute and the Republican?


Ever notice how some women are more worthy than others? What do cops and liberal dude media have in common?

When a Manhattan prostitute cried rape in 2006, cops at first did not believe her, leaving the rapist free to rape a second woman two years later.
Investigators initially did little legwork on the prostitute's case -- even though she'd immediately given them Rios' license plate and his DNA, both defense lawyers and prosecutors conceded in closing arguments.

Her stolen car even turned up just a street away from Rios' address -- but Rios was never questioned at the time.

Oh sweet justice, has Finally been served. Or, maybe not. I'd think about the needle for this scum! Indeed, perhaps a few death penalties for rapists and we'd all see the crime abate.

Now, what is lower than a working woman on the Liberal Dude Press agenda? You guessed it: a RED woman viciously attacked by a Blue dude shouting anti-Republican slurs.

Hard to believe that NO major MSM are picking up the story of a 20 something Republican feme being stomped by hate-filled Obot thug, shattering her leg. (Those are the initial press reports)
I have a comment posted by a reader saying that anti-Obama folks are the ones full of hate. As if!
As if, we cheered when Obama gave Hillary the finger. (thanks for reminding me of that Cas12.) or when Obots wore Cu*t tee shirts or when Obots called Hillary a Fucking Wh*re. Yeah, who's full of Daddy Obama HATE?
That be Obots.

It is the Obots who are race baiting and hoping to stir race riots in the meme/style of Charles Manson, but... a young woman of the "wrong" denomination is attacked for her political beliefs and it is just NOT MSM newsworthy.

This is enough to rock your gut.
GOP Aide Stomped On; Leg Broken In Four Places After Fundraiser.

By Jan Moller, The Times-Picayune
April 12, 2010, 2:47PM
Gov. Bobby Jindal's chief campaign fund-raiser is recovering from injuries she suffered in a Friday night altercation with a group of people in the French Quarter, the governor's office said Monday.

Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and a fractured nose and jaw in the incident, which happened after a fundraising event at Brennan's Restaurant on behalf
of the Louisiana Republican Party on Friday evening.

What DOES CNN have posted: A warning by Bill Clinton to Tea Party folks not to fuel the "unhinged."

Remember when Jews were unworthy of press when they were being hurt? Sure you do. Today: Hookers and Republican woman are bete noir. Do they not bleed when you stomp them? Sure they do.

My liberal world has collapsed. All that is left: hypocrites and misogynists and male cops who won't bother to care when a working woman is raped and media who won't raise hell about a prostitue rape.

Now, because ZERO journalists are reporting this story on Ms. Allee Bautsch, it is hard to get more independent verification. But ... we'll keep you posted!


UPdate: From TPM, comes a claim that this was not politically motivated. The protesters who had been yelling slurs directed at rich folks might not be to blame because when MS. Bautsch was beat up the thugs only said: from police report:
"...Bautsch's boyfriend
began to hear people behind him scream obscenities. Initially he was not sure if they were being directed at him and his girlfriend, of if they were simply the outbursts of drunken revelers.

As they neared the intersection, Mr. Brown state he heard subjects state things such as "Little blonde b*tch," "You're a f**king f*ggot,," and "You think you're f**king special."

OK, so am I missing something here? Not politically motivated? The MSM has been ginning up anti-white hatred by implying the tea par- tiers are all Republican racists. Now a woman is attacked being called a blond bitch who thinks she is special and this is somehow not a hate crime. Boy oh boy, am I missing something here? This is Obama borne hatred. Liberals are starting to act like men in white hoods. TPM must think we are all dolts. Protesters inciting class warfare and then a very short while later this happens but. hey no connection. And...I've a bridge to sell u in Brooklyn.



What a shame it is to hear

What a shame it is to hear that a girl was attacked based on her hair color and sex and political affiliation. Sounds like Muslim terrorists.

Wow, you are stupid. I mean,

Wow, you are stupid.

I mean, really stupid. Do you know nothing about liberals and the left? Oh, yes, I see that you do know nothing. At all.

Your preconceptions are clear from your use of the term "Obot." How much is Murdoch paying you?

Oh you PUMA. Hillary, or any

Oh you PUMA. Hillary, or any woman will never, ever be president. Sorry.
Catch u next Tuesday!

spoken like a true Liberal!

spoken like a true Liberal! misogyny at it apogee.

Are you serious, anti-white

Are you serious, anti-white hated? The attackers were WHITE. Read the police report on the TPM story you linked to. Brown also described his attackers as well dressed. That describe any anarchists you ever saw? The victims said they were called bitch and faggot. That sound like anarchists or liberals or any sort of leftie? If there was a political motivation for this attack, it sounds like conservatives attacked people they thought were liberal. We don't know that yet of course, so I won't make any accusations.

Conservatives however have been accusing liberals without any proof. Now you are continuing the accusations DESPITE proof. You and other conservatives owe liberals an apology for the false accusations. I wonder if you almost want you're more unhinged elements to get pissed off enough to act out violently.

"The victims said they were

"The victims said they were called bitch and faggot. That sound like anarchists or liberals or any sort of leftie?"
yes it does sound a lot like liberal, leftie hatred of white women. Air American calls HRC a whore, and Dowd calls HRC a white bitch. Don't get me started on Palin shirts demeaning her sex.

"Conservatives however have been accusing liberals without any proof."
hmmmm, let's see. Liberals have been calling those who oppose Obama's policy racists without any proof.

You should tune into this site more often. This is a social liberal, fiscal conservative site from what I can tell.

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