Doonesbury Strip Cartoon cracks fun of GOP and DNC misogyny--If ONLY!


So, Doonesbury has a nice contraception cartoon up; but if only he'd do the DNC version. We'll help you out here: first box of cartoon:DNC worker: "Young lady, I'm a liberal Obama supporter working for Obama's re-elections campaign." Young Lady: "yes?" Next cartoon box: Obot "Would this be your first visit to a Republican event?" Young Lady: "No, I've been a Republican for a while now." Next cartoon box: Obot: "I see. So do your parents know you are a SLUT, Whore, Cunt, White Bitch?" Young Lady: "Wow, so great to know I'm allowed to be fucked by Democrat men and not have to pay for it."

Where was the love when Hillary was a fucking whore per liberal media Air America? Where was the luv when comic threatened Palin with rape by a gang of black men? Where was the luv when Senator Schumer called a common stewardess a slut for doing her job. Where was the luv when the NEW YORK Times called Hillary a white bitch. Where was the luv? No love. Just playing politic with your uterus. Fuck the DNC; Fuck the GOP. Vote female until 25% of Senate is GOP XX and 25% of Senate is DNC XX. Female's need to rule so men stop playing puch out the girl and take her uterus for political capital.


this is a fabulous opinion

this is a fabulous opinion piece on CNN by ShePac founders

notice how the CNN editors red flag it by putting an editors note at the Top of the story. vomit

let's not forget that Obama

let's not forget that Obama played political ball with contraception just a few weeks ago
From the
Center for Reproductive rights

Does your pharmacist make you show I.D. when you purchase over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin or cough medicine?

Of course not. But that isn’t the case for emergency contraception which medical experts agree is at least as safe—and maybe even more so.

Yet Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently overruled FDA scientists and blocked expanded access to emergency contraception for clearly political reasons.

For clearly political reasons, Obama blocked access to contraception. Does Obama think women won't remember that??

There's no need to

There's no need to purposefully victimize women for the sake of using them as pawns in an election. That itself is an act of war on women.

Yes, I think women are showing they are smart enought to not get sucked into Obama's cesspool.
I agree with this website on the essential fact that I shouldn't expect other girls to come up with my birth control co-payment unless the girsl are destitute. Dana has it right when she says,

It's not "feminist" to demand that another woman carry the yoke of your free choices.

It is only feminist to demand that insurance cover the prescription for my birth control in the way they cover all other drugs I take or am prescribed. They pay for the lion's share and I make a co-payment. Women too poor to make a copayment should get free birth control. That is how it was before Obama made his fake war on women.

Something to hearten your

Something to hearten your day
Turns out women are not as dumb as Obama/DNC/Mainstream Liberal Media thinks.
Women know Obama started this whole contraception frickis frackus to advance his story line of GOP not too nice to women.

Cynical politics never plays out well.

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