Even a 15% Solution Helps Women at Work


From Nature:

Women are more likely to realize career benefits from informal relationships with colleagues and others if they are in a discipline that comprises at least 15% women and are not simply tokens, finds a study--Cultural Correlates of Gender Integration in Science...

In a nutshell, the study, that looked at female scientists found that female bonding and networking and simple honest female friendship has a positive impact on women's careers.

The authors found that informal relationships (including those with colleagues and contacts made through conferences or other means) help women to integrate and stay in their career just as much as mentorships and other formally structured relationships.

Make that GIRLZ thing work, ladies! Boys will always benefit from female catfights, but we don't have to cater to that any longer! Bond with Girls, don't fight with them! Network with women, and stop trying to one up each other. Every gal will have more days in the sun, if we just work together.

“Friendly relationships may increase women's sense of professional role confidence, thus helping them to fit in and be productive — as long as women have surpassed the 15% tokenism level in that discipline,” says study co-author, Cindy Cain.


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