Excellent News: Big Companies such as Tyson, Smithfield Foods, McDonald’s etc. commit to ending inhumane treatment of farmed pigs; Bad news: Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms continue their torture

cruel factory farming pigs.jpg

In the May/June issue of All Animals the Humane Society announced that “this year, two of the largest pork companies in the U.S. signaled an end to the gestation crate era.” This is wonderful news, not only for pigs but humanity. We are only as decent a people as we do not torture animals that already suffer for us so that we may consume protein. That is: if you love bacon but don’t’ give a rat’s butt how the pig was tormented during its life, then perhaps you are the true pig.
The dawn of more humane farm animal treatment is coming. Per the item: Wendy’s is stepping up pressure on producers of pork to stop already with the cruel confinement cages for sows.
But there is still darkness, such as two inhume companies (Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms) that are refusing to stop their torturous treatment of pregnant pigs.
Pigs are highly intelligent animals that are often compared to dogs in their ability to love and bond with other animals, including humans.

Take a moment today and let Seaboard Foods know that you hate their torture of farm animals:
Call (877) 286-3754

Prestage Farms, Inc.
4651 Taylors Bridge Highway
P. O. Box 438 (Zip 28329)
Clinton, NC 28328


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