Fake Journalists at War with Real Ones—read Fake as in George Stephanopoulos, and real: Sy Hersh and Sheryl Attkisson

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Well well well, the media is shitting on a journalist great Sy Hersh—yeah he’s the real deal folks. Why, you ask? Well… because he’s calling Obama liar. Now for sure sayn’ that Obama lies is like calling water wet, but for those in LOVE with Obama (yeah that be the editor of the New Yorker—Obama Mainstream Masturbator David Remnick) the only action of a good journalist (ahem) is to attack anyone who attacks Barky. Now we don’t know the truth or not of any single report in the media and it will take digging to find out the full truth, as is the case in anything. But rather than say: hmm, let’s see… the guy who put the flashlight on My Lai and Abu Ghriab now is breaking some news on Bin Laden’s final time on earth…well we might want to give it a listen and then…gasp…follow up with our own reporting. That’s how journalism works you assholes. Instead…the New York suggest to this literary journalist lion that he…blog about it. Un-freakn’-believable.

And when Mr. Hersh is asked by Slate’s Obama-luvn’ interlocutor “It seems like you are hinting the New Yorker rejected it for reasons having to do with politics.” Yes, we can ALL laugh out loud. Can you say Sheryl Attkinson who is also the real deal, who has also been viciously attacked for calling Obama to the carpet for his lying and policy fails. But that’s how the radicalized Leftist Obama-luvn’ media roll these days. Hit the messenger of those who would actually report in a negative or even an potentially negative fashion on their loved One.

Here is Hersh’s answer to Obama-luvn’ “reporter” from Slate:

Hersh: Now you said the first intelligent thing you have said. If you had asked whether he didn’t run this because he is in love with Obama….It is a very good question.

Yes, it is but smart Sy knows that THAT is a question the media will forever deny so…Mr. Hersh does a bit of a dance around that should activate media types to dig and will also give him cover to publish in the NYorker again once Remnick realizes what a buttfuck he’s become to Obama in public….yet….sadly, Lefty Media will cover for their loved ONE Barky.

Now let’s talk about the moderator of a top Sunday news (George Stephanopoulos) show giving a boat load of money to the Clinton Foundation. Yeah, he’s objective, right!?

That’s why Georgy Boy loads his program with Dems –usually 4 to one on the roundtable. And a few weeks ago, it was laughable to watch George REFUSE to let someone respond to the affirmation by a Dem that “all the studies show” no harm no foul to kids raised by same-sex parents compared to opposite sex parents. That is so far from the truth on the matter and no saying here that there is a definitive answer to this issue re kids and gay parents, but the studies are SO not all in yet and so many cherry pick the participants that the results are highly biased…and in fact, a significant study does show significant harm …but George cut off the guest’s attempt to respond to the false statement about “all studies show” no bad effects on kids.

I guess GS was in a hurry to cut a check to Bill and Hill before he moderated the next presidential debate in you know…a totally non-biased fashion. Barf.
The media has refused to do their job and that is making the media totally irrelevant, a point not at all lost on the guy who is arguably the most relevant journalist alive today.




Here's another flawed study

Here's another flawed study on gay issues that should be retracted.


But mainstream democrat media types will stick to their narrative and junk science all the while maintaining that republicans hate science.

The fact that those who

The fact that those who worked for one side of party and then preen as objective journalists is what makes my stomach flip. Tim Reassert was as biased as they come and everyone knew it. Same with George S. When a former Republican staffer or speechwriter to a Republican hosts Meet the Press, or This Week, or Face the Nation, that's when I will believe balance has come to network TV. Until then, it's just shills and Democrat agenda playing dress up.

The cover comparison is the

The cover comparison is the perfect illustration of why the majority of us hate mainstream media.

I've given up my subscription

I've given up my subscription to just about every mojor newspaper. Why pay to be mislead?

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