FemiHealth: Mammograms cut Risk of Death by ~ one-third, yet US Gov. Task Force member still talking cost

Mammograms work: modern mammography screening may reduce deaths from breast cancer by about 28%. Source: BMJ 2014;348:g3701
Yet….US.GovTask Force member makes fun of women who are nervous before having their boobs squeezed in a vise grip. BMJ 2014;348:g3824
check out this editorial that accompanies the finding that screening cuts risk of death from breast cancer by about a third! yes a Third!

“One US hospital promotes monthly “mingle and mammograms” parties, with women being pampered before screening to calm their nerves.11 These parties include appetizers, foot massages, and bags emblazoned with the logo “fight like a girl.” In addition to appetizers, we suggest serving women balanced information about the benefits and harms of screening to chew on."

How condescending! Let's see how his nerves would be if we put his balls in a vise for screening!

Yes, the harms are real in terms of overtreatment, but...until they can tell us who the overtreated are EXACTLY, then pfhhhf to them.

Harms included per BMJ editorial:

“While the benefits are small, the harms of screening are real and include overdiagnosis, psychological stress, and exorbitant healthcare costs.”

READ: ladies you cost too much and whine way too much.

FemiSex says: ladies: demand better, less painful screening, not less screening! Fund research that can say exactly which cancers are deadly and which aren’t, and in the finding of those, can you please find a less painful way to get to the truth!


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